That can sound scary, but nobody from our team has been hurt during the 3 days of very intensive battles. Respecting the rest of the players comes before all. The rules against cheats are stricter also. They are sent back home very quickly. In the case of the Wargame event, only one player needed medical care because his grenade exploded in his hand. Only certificated grenades can be used in the game, but accidents may still happen anywhere. For the rest, same rules as the rest of the world. The tank culture has been developed very well in Russia since WW2, where the Russian tanks played an important role in the allied victory. Nowadays, Russia possesses one of the biggest tank fleets in the world. An official stock of more than 18,000 units. Do you realise that only a few people that you play with will have played a match with tanks? How would you describe this experience? It was fantastic. Not only because you have some real monsters next to you, but for the realistic atmosphere that they create. All vehicles used their weapons (with blank ammunition of course!): the tanks and artillery were shooting around you while playing! You just had to ask your group leader to support your attack or retreat. It was a s completely activity thanks to the 3 military members on each vehicle who controlled every movement and action. This resulted in zero accidents. The vehicles can be destroyed only by a direct impact with a rocket launcher. 1 impact and the vehicle stops; 2 hits, it is destroyed and it should return to the main base. The personal vehicles can be used without any limits, but with the same rules. . The main role of the vehicles is to create the needed atmosphere as well as their functions as mobile fortresses and transport vehicles.