The main missions were to capture all the enemy’s cities, by deploying your flag in the middle of the field and maintain it as long as possible, by capturing the enemy’s General or city’s chiefs in the special operations missions. Everything was allowed during the whole game without any official stops or breaks, day and night, rain or the sun. Real military field kitchens in tents have been provided for all the players, and the food turned out to be tastier than we had imagined. There we were in two teams: Blue team – the Confederates, who use principally the US gear, and Yellow team– the Republican force, who use principally Russian gear. 5 cities and 5 hospitals for each team, 1 main neutral base, where we were able to respawn. All actions are controlled and synchronised by the commanders. Nobody runs on alone. For the rest – it is a standard airsoft game, just with thousands of players ;-). We like a lot what you are telling us, and we are certainly not the only ones… What do you need to attend the event? Can everyone sign up or does it work by invitation?