Only team members of the Russian Airsoft Federation or players approved by it used to be able to participate in the event. This year, for the first time, the event became international and for now there are no restrictions for foreign teams. In this edition the teams came from France, The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Israel and all countries from the Ex-Soviet Union. Without any doubt it has been a unique experience, and this is probably the most distinguished event that many airsofters can aspire to play. Sure you have more than one curious anecdote to tell us… We went to the event from Marseille (southern France). We made an unforgettable trip that lasted a week to Moscow. Everything was interesting and we will never forget it. We were f****** tired of our ship! ;-) Our plane landed at 6 am and at 10 am, we were already ready for 24h of battle. This is how this event is called in Russian: “Wargame: 24h on the Tank’’. But in reality, it lasts much longer: 2 days including their cold nights with NVG and rain ;-). But one single moment was unforgettable for me: when I saw the whole team of our regiment crossing over the lake by the ford. They came in rows in the cold water, holding up their replicas high. This was incredible! This is the Wargame.