AN INTERACTIVE MUSEUM FOR YOUR BEST AIRSOFT GAMES Among other things, a veteran player stands out from a rookie by the great deal of anecdotes he is able to share on a bar after a game. He has gone through all kinds of situations, has battled in a wide array of fields, has been told so many different versions of what MilSim is that he has stopped trying to define it. But memory can be treacherous and the fighting life won’t last forever. So an interesting option is to be able to download all those great matches of the most legendary games; to record all your airsoft theories; or to share with the entire airsoft community (present and future) your impressions on any airsoft gear. This, indeed, has been already invented, and although depending on how you look at it, it may seem an interactive airsoft museum, people insist on calling it: YouTube. And here are some of the most popular youtubers in our field: