If you like watching something like action films with airsoft replicas, Bodgeups’ channel could be on your top list), probably the best airsoft videos on YouTube. At least this is what he tells us. Are they really the best? Subscribe Bodgeups and give your opinions. Being such a famous sniper must generate very curious situations. When you are about playing airsoft, what happens? People want to escape from your sight to avoid elimination or they prefer to be in your line of sight for having a chance to appear in your video ? I actually find that most people enjoy being in the videos! Although quite often I will hear people say in the safe zone “I’m glad that I’m on Bodgeups’ team!”. That always makes me chuckle. When I’m in the field, I occasionally get people waving at me. I return the favour with a heavyweight BB :-) But this may bring a problem, and the cheater can neither escape from your balls, nor escape from your videos. How do they take it while seeing themselves on YouTube? (With two millions of views, this is one of the most watched video on your channel). Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t approach the individuals afterwards to get their opinion on the matter. If a player chooses to cheat, that’s their decision. But something important to understand is that cheating (although undesirable) is part of the game, and it cannot be avoided. That’s why I include cheating in my videos, because I want people to know what the experience of playing Airsoft is like, both good and bad. The videos of “sniper cam” are the most popular ones of your channel, although they are not the only one. How do you think that snipers should be, little advise to those airsofters who want to be one of snipers. Especially being a sniper is not easy, lots of airsofters give up after two months time?