1 How long is yours? Not that...your arm! If you are around 1.98 tall the CQB version may be too short for you and you should be looking at the Carbine. Basically, the only thing that differs is the length of its MKR System hand guard (Monster Keymod Rail). That's it? Actually, that is something that greatly influences gameplay, because with the shorter model, running, jumping over walls, going around corners... everything is faster and easier. Although the extra centimetres are noticeable when comparing the effective range of the bbs. This is why we end up using the shorter models in CQB scenarios and standards ones in open spaces games where distances are greater. 2 Not everything is about MilSim! The deep red colour that shines throughout the model makes it very aggressive, a strong trend that comes from "3 Gun" competitions. Although, speaking of aggressiveness, how about the leopard-shaped head hand guard? (spot on on using an AKM muzzle to emulate the tongue). While we must add that pointy finishes are prone to getting tangled and that red colour has much room in airsoft modalities such as CQB, Speed Ball, IPSC, 3 Gun... Not everything is about milsim in our hobby!!