and 5 in height, where the square batteries can be comfortably fitted. Besides, reducing the surface of the recoil pad enables a faster shouldering, and thanks to the stripped surface it can be held smoothly, which are two key features in sports shooting where speed and accuracy are paramount. 5 The guts If we liked the ECS gearbox, now we are looking at its evolution, version 2.1 is even better. What makes it so good? 8 mm spherical bearings, the mosfet inside the gearbox, the half-toothed metal piston (note that the part is not just squeezed in but has its own place and is embraced by two rails which prevent it from moving due to use), lightened piston head thanks to CNC and with bearings!, steel gears, metal spring rail with bearings... and a helical spring , with the part that contracts when shooting being softer to reduce the effort and the part that pushes being harder to take advantage of a higher performance that allows us to get the most firepower with less resistance.