2- Stargate stock At first glance it looked like an M4 Crane Stock but slightly updated. But when opening it we discovered it was not. The first thing you must not do is unscrew the two cross-head screws of the stock. In fact, to insert the battery we have to remove a characteristic MP5 pin, yes, you read that right, MP5, in the lever we used to adjust the length. After having removed that part, the stock will come out in one piece and we can insert the battery. Although mounting it back is a whole nother story. 3- "Poisonous" hand guard This is a hand guard with the classic KeyMod system that we can see on many replica models. This time we found something different, besides the KeyMod system on the sides, both on the top and bottom we have two rises that expand through the entire hand guard. But that is not what calls our attention, rather its finish imitating the wriggling of a mamba. And in fact the "L" model's end has a mamba-shaped head with fangs included.