THE "ANONYMOUS HEROES" BRAND Is there anyone who hasn't heard of Marcus Luttrell, the story of the Op. Red Wings or the movie Lone Survivor? This operation that was portrayed in a film; Luttrell is rescued by an Afghan (a Pashto to be precise) when he is wounded fleeing from the Taliban, and the Pashto man even faces them to protect the navy SEAL. This is because of one of the principles of Pashtunwhali, the 3000 year old unwritten ethical code the Pashtun people follow, especially Melmastia. Melmastia: Duty of hospitality to all visitors, even to defeated enemies asking for help. - Denver model Turah: Be brave against tyranny, and defend your honour and that of your people. - St. Monica model Hewaad: Love your country and defend your heritage, wherever they may be. - St. Diego model What would Luttrell have given to point at the branding on his replica to be able to invoke the hospitality of these warrior people! Some really cool and diverse branding, well done Duel Code!