The handguard is narrower than usual, in the style of tactical carbines. This allows for less weight and a more comfortable grip. A trend in sports shooting that has reached real operators and thus airsoft. Although it is narrower, thanks to the KeyMod system we will be able to mount the same amount of accessories, and on top of that we will save the extra weight of RIS rails not being used. The stock has a compact design especially designed for shooters because no matter how much we extend the cheek rest, it stays in the same position. The rubber recoil pad is designed in the same line to help maintain a sustained position and to be as comfortable as possible. SAN DIEGO The mid-range model, designed for assault game roles. The sights are foldable to be able to combine their use with red dots and go back to the first when we run out of batteries because, as it happens, we forget to turn them off when storing it. It comes with a Magpul-like triangular grip that will serve as a stopper to quickly place our hand in position and also helps the wrist stay in a more comfortable position in the grip. Besides, the AN-PEQ with laser makes it much easier to hit the target in instinctive shots if it is well-adjusted. Both in this model and in the Denver we find plaited rope in the handguard. This is not merely an aesthetic feature, but many operators carry them to gain adhesion on the grip, to be able to hook camouflage accessories or, in this case, the wiring of the AN-PEQ button. SANTA MONICA This model is so short and light as it is specially designed for CQB. Basically we will be carrying a submachine gun with an M4 magazine, but it's just so much more than that! The silencer provides a tacticool touch and will allow us to accommodate a longer inner barrel to improve performance over long distances. Unlike other models, we will not need to disassemble the muzzle to install the silencer, but rather mount it on it. The Crane Stock offers a larger surface than the MOE type carried by the San Diego, so we can move more freely with the replica shouldered without it moving around. In addition, it includes a chemical light stick that many operators use in CQB assaults to mark the rooms clear. And a key with radio call codes, and that although we would seldom ask for an air attack in airsoft, it provides the model a tacticool touch. Many details that make it stand out from more traditional players in the sector.