INTERNAL PARTS This factory has worked both internally and externally and thanks to that we can now enjoy, for example: - Precision barrel: the whole series comes with a 6.03 mm barrel, which gives the bbs a straighter and tenser flight - Bearings: gears roll on 8 mm bearings that minimise friction and increase the performance of the gearbox. In addition they are sealed, so that they repel dirt and lengthen their useful life - Spring rail: consists of a metal head and a plastic tube, and comes with bearings to improve the torque of the spring and prevent it from breaking. - Piston: the teeth are fully made of metal, which increases its resistance to wear and tear and lengthens the life of the same by a few thousand shots - Pneumatic unit: The cylinder has a large hole which causes it to lose a lot of air in the load and to recover from compression sooner. This allows to mount an M110 type spring and ensure the correct power is set. - Adjust to 330FPS: the gearbox set is prepared to offer an average of 330-335 FPS, so that the airsofter can go play with it just out of the box. - Wiring: the wiring is made of silver which improves the transmission of energy and is mounted following the scheme to mount a mosfet, so its performance and duration are a sure thing -Micro-mosfet: they are manufactured in Europe, it is amazing that the Asian company has chosen made in EU products, since they manufacture the replicas but look for the highest quality components available in the market. A mosfet protects the electrical system from malfunctions, mainly protecting the motor and battery, and in this case they do so with a micro-mosfet that reduces its size, which can be found in other replicas (twice in size in some cases), increasing the available space for the rest of components and even improving the performance of the replica.