Step 1. CAMOUFLAGE Knowing your environment is critical for camouflage purposes, so, in order to go unnoticed, it is important to choose the right colour for our replica. To this end, Amoeba offers this model in four different colours: OD (Olive Drab) for forest environments, DE (Dark Earth) for arid land, UG for urban scenarios and the everlasting black, neutral in any of the above. Step 2. MOBILITY It is a very lightweight model (4.100 kg) thanks to its polymer body, something that snipers appreciate as they have to go on long walks to outflank the enemy and advance through the most inhospitable places to take their targets by surprise, an extremely complicated task to complete with a heavy rifle. The body and the hand guard are separate items, the latter is divided into two parts that come in different colours, as we can see advertised. Although we can choose between two cheek pad designs in which to rest our cheek to better align our head with the sights, and two parts for the pistol grip so that our hand rest more comfortably. These parts are standard and will help us get used to the rifle.