Step 3. CUSTOMISATION One of the highlights of this model is that Amoeba is launching it together with a wide range of accessories to customise the rifle without worrying about compatibility. The bipod will help us increase stability when shooting in prone position or when resting on cover. The silencer is a purely aesthetic accessory in airsoft unless we use it to accommodate a longer inner barrel to achieve greater stability in the trajectory of the balls. Or the seven clocking designs in various colours we find for faster reloading, the curse of single-shot rifles! Step 4. THE AMOUNT OF AMMUNITION AS01 magazines can hold up to 45 BBs, nearly double the capacity of an M24 (25 BBs) or triple compared to an M40 (14 BBs), which gives us greater autonomy. Besides, the loading process is straightforward, the ball goes directly from the magazine to the hop-up, avoiding problems or any interference on the load (common in other models on the market). A design which, due to its simplicity, is revolutionary and will allow us to shoot more balls reliably. Step 7. EXPERIENCE Always be ready to make a quick shot. Many snipers always have one in the chamber and the safety on to prevent accidents. This allows fast and instinctive shooting as the safety is at the height of the thumb. And, to avoid double loading, this model includes a marker that indicates when it is already loaded, for the first time in airsoft. Accuracy is almost taken for granted, if a sniper cannot guarantee that the balls will hit where he is aiming, he surely won't get that "one shot, one hit!" But, as you have seen, this is not the only thing a sniper must pay attention to. As, according to one of the most famous navy SEAL snipers "the rifle does make the shooter, training and perseverance allow you to honour the rifle."