Step 5. GETTING USED TO THE RIFLE When firing a sniper rifle there are two things to keep in mind: the bolt and the trigger. In this case, the bolt does not offer much resistance because its spring is 30% shorter, which also makes the travel distance shorter (and reloading faster!). And it is compatible with AEG springs. The trigger set is another element which we may regulate to adjust trigger force, travel and inclination, just like in a real sniper rifle. Step 6. UPGRADING The power of the model may vary depending on the market it is sold in, but it shall be easy enough to adjust it to the limit allowed depending on where we play. We may change the spring (it is compatible with AEG) or we can simply change with relative ease the standard bolt set for Amoeba's upgrading or even the CO2 one we have already seen advertised. An interesting feature of this set is that, unlike other models, when opening the bolt the space of the ejection port is exposed.