We can wear in the front, askew or back so it doesn't get in the way and turn it only when you need to access it, just like a true Raider! In the main pocket we can carry a 1 kg BBs bag (useful for support) to 5 M4 magazines, a handgun, a first aid kit... Besides, we can also use its inside pockets to quickly find what we carry inside them It has a flat pocket on both the front and inside for documents, maps, radio codes... Depending on how much we are going to use it, we should place it on the outside, or on the inside for fewer uses. We can also use the front Velcro to attach "medic" patches to mark the content or just our team patch to make our kit a bit more "tacticool". Helikon Wolfhound – Light Insulated Jacket Colours: Black, Coyote, Cammogrom, Shadow Grey, Alpha Green Materials: Climashield® Apex ™ insulation (67 g/m2) and nylon outer layer Weight: 490 g This lightweight garment is designed as intermediate layer to provide more warmth when combined with another thicker coat on top, but can also be used as a separate garment, hence it's availability in Cammogrom (Polish version of Multicam). The Climashield® Apex ™ layer will keep us dry and warm in cold environments thanks to its hydrophobic properties (not to be confused with waterproof, this one only repels water but will end up soaked under heavy rain). Although thanks to the outer nylon material the durability of the garment is increased while its breathability will prevent us from boiling in hot weather. The garment comes with tight cuffs to prevent heat loss and we can keep our hands warm thanks to the wool finish on the inside of the pockets, nothing hurts more than getting shot on an icy finger! And if the sun comes out suddenly don't worry, you can fold the garment and compress it to fit in a cargo pocket or in an admin pouch and it will be fine. We have checked this.