Competition ready right out of the box Rw. APS Crixus & MarcuX "Trust is neither created nor destroyed, it is earned". And this is something APS has engraved in its work philosophy, this is why they have developed this new range of 1911 style guns (the first time they put aside Glock guns) and take a step into these models that are launched in their gas version (the first time they don't have CO2 magazines). And they do so with a model that, after testing it, we can confidently say that is competition ready right out of the box. Learning from mistakes The bushing barrel is the frontal part keeping the barrel in place during the movement of the slide. And due to the stress it bears, (especially with powerful blowbacks) it tends to break, so APS got it right when manufacturing them in metal rather than plastic, as other brands have. Hidden details The inner barrel is shorter than the outer barrel, enabling the last few millimetres of the same to be threaded, so that we can attach an adapter for a silencer with which we may use an inner barrel to improve firing. Dressed to impress The grips are removable, although the best thing is that APS launches a set of grips in different camouflage patters: Kryptek Banshee and Typhoon, Atacs, Multicam, or black. One of the first brands which allows us to easily customise this part. The first of its kind It has a gas magazine; the first time it doesn't use CO2 (the Dragonfly was dual, but it did have the CO2 option). As always, it is subject to the limitations associated with gas, something which in cold climates makes it inadvisable to use. Although at the time we received the model in our offices, it is not out in the market yet, so we are not sure whether this might change in the near future.