Playing with differences How to distinguish the Crixus from the Marcux model? Simple, they both follow the 1911 style, but the Crixus has a TAN body while the Marcux comes fully in black. Winner's blood This series takes after (as the trigger or the front sights) the Colt Competition, a great starting point in the search for a gun with great performance as the real model was designed for competition. Noughts and crosses The sights follow a three point pattern and include an adjustable rear sight and a front Novak type optical fibre sight. The latter enables aiming in all light conditions, something that comes handy, especially in CQB. Making it perfect It has a short RIS rail in which we can attach a flashlight or a pistol grenade launcher, two accessories that are more interesting in a CQB than in the open field, but which in any case add to the functionality of the gun. Branded for eternity It has its own branding on the sides. On the left: Gladiator, and to the right side of the model: Crixus or MarcuX. Although they are displayed on a rather large area, they are very discreet unless light shines on them at the right angle. Not just one more Disassembling them differs somewhat from the classic method, having to unscrew the two parts that make up the recoil spring rail to remove it and continue disassembling it. It may be more difficult but makes the gun stronger a whole.