Blue replicas If you see a blue M4 you may be in the presence of a tacky replica or a bluegun, a replica of the real gun manufactured as realistically as possible and designed by Rings' Manufacturing for training police and military forces in a realistic and safe environment. For this exercise we obviously used airsoft replicas painted blue, which used for the amphibious deployment without fear of salt water damaging them. And we even managed to make the exercise even more realistic. All in all, we concluded that shared joys count as double. Who is crazy enough to do these kinds of things? Our fellow JSOTF Spartan colleagues. Well, once we were all aboard, we were not just going to sail around with no purpose, so we ended up organising a joint exercise of search and rescue with an amphibious insertion, with intel elements, oppressors, QFR equipment , PJ's, and F-18 Jolly Rogers pilots, with their parachutes and all, floating around in the vastness. We went from "hey, sailing is cool" to "Elvis 0-6 moving to Cadillac and standing by". In other words, it pretty much got out of hand.