3. SPECIAL HIGH SEAS AIRSOFTERS It was boarding time and a mixture of nervousness and excitement began to flood the atmosphere. An insertion by Zodiac speedboat on a beach possibly is one of those unicorns many airsofters pursue. That touch of realism that helps us become fully immersed The amphibious approach stage? Legendary. The equipment was mounted on the boat, covering their sectors, with water splashing on our faces with each bounce of the speedboat against the waves... we all surely remembered the final mission of "G.I. Jane". "Dog" team was the first team to be deployed, which was inserted a few hundred feet from the beach for the last stage of the approach in which they had to swim fully equipped and secure the beachhead. It was priceless to see the team taking cover behind the sides of the boat, trying to stay low, while they were approaching the beach. One after another all teams were deployed in an orderly fashion before the incredulous eyes of local passersby, who had a mixture of curiosity and envy in their faces The fact that communications go down just when needed, regardless of how many tests you did, is something we have come to integrate as a milsim feature. If in real life communications do not work, as in Red Wings, Bravo Two Zero and many others ... why would they work for us? Anyway, when communications go down, we must remember that this is a simulation and these things happen! So if your radio works, you're doing it wrong!! (laughs) During the briefing several predefined meeting points and radio frequencies were established with their respective time windows, which helped recover the first of the pilots without any difficulties. However it was impossible to contact the second pilot. "Archangel" decided to start a sweep relying on their night vision in the hope of detecting the IR's strobe flash ... bingo! We found the second pilot unconscious in the middle of a plain. Once stabilised, the extraction phase back to the beach started.