4. ALL ASHORE Once we were all ashore each team went to their respective waiting points and the operation began. The main objective of the mission was the rescue of two F-18 pilots on a reconnaissance mission taken down in an area controlled by hostile forces. The militias tried to capture the pilots while the mission was to extract them avoiding any contact with the militias "Dog" team had to place explosives on key access points to hamper access to reinforcements in case the operation was compromised. The mission was not a complicated one, but completing it without being detected by the locals who passed was a whole another story. It took longer than they thought but after completing the first phase, "Dog" team became went QRF (Quick Response Force, yes like in Lone Survivor) in a standby position near the area of operations. "Black Beard" did the same after interfering communications in a nearby repeater, they found less locals in their path.