With all that you have told us and done already, what is left for you guys? Recording a video with Instructor Zero? As for recreation, we would like to go follow the trend of what is happening in current conflicts. It seems rather difficult to track the SF because they are rarely seen when operating. If we talk about the airsoft scene, we would like to keep up the pace, continue preparing major events and work on the different facets of the team: new roles, increasing the number of operators further, ultimately, always taking a step further. You are amazing guys, but we know you are not alone, you are expanding the club... Recently we joined forces with several teams of friends to recreate the USSOCOM, consisting of teams that recreate the units under such command. It currently has more than nine different teams recreating several units. You will soon have more news about this project. Oh, and before you kick us out, we would like to thank you for the opportunity for spreading the word about us thanks to the popularity you guys have and the work you do.