With the navy SEAL being so fashionable, why did you decide to recreate Green Berets instead? By the time we decided to recreate a unit, we thought of one that was sufficiently well known to fit in the script of a game without being too typical. So this is how we found the Green Berets and, the more we learned about them, the more we liked the way they were organised in ODAs, unconventional warfare... We felt identified with their motto right away: "Quiet Professionals", or, in other words, to accomplish the mission without bragging about it. Your wardrobe essentials are spectacular, and the thing is that you recreate quite an extended period of time, how do you manage that? When we started in recreation, we began by setting a very "wide" target. Since the arrival of the Green Berets in Afghanistan in 2001 to around 2010. UCP (ACU), DCU, Woodland ... whatever the game required, we would wear. This led us back to the same problem we already had: our uniform no longer fits into the scripts of the current conflicts. So, at the end of 2014, after the OLE 1 (an international event held in Spain), we decided to do a full makeover on the gear that Green Berets currently use, Multicam.