By the way you tell the story it looks like you take recreation quite seriously, is it also like this when you play? While it is true that we do go in the same direction in terms of recreation, our attitude towards events is much more demanding. It is important to be well prepared for Milsims, but without a solid foundation, willingness and team spirit, you just can't get the most of them. Indeed, but we have heard that being so motivated for games led you to movie-like situations once in a while, such as the one with the shepherd and his sheep... That was a good one! We were bringing up the rear of our side while advancing toward our base. We hid in the bushes like in Lone Survivor, covering the only bridge from which you can cross a canal. And soon after a man shows up with a herd of sheep who started grazing at just a few inches from our heads. Only that we didn't come out, not even when one of the sheep started eating from the branches coming out of the boonie of one of our operators! We could not reveal our position ... If we do it, we do it right!