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Raven brand entered the market less than a year ago (by Nuprol) with three pistol models that we could place among the most popular among airsoft players. Now they are back with an offer of models painted by hydroprinting in camouflage, tan and green. Very attractive combinations that make the most popular models, become even more attractive. Could it really be done? Come and see for yourself.

The Raven MEU/1911 is a version of the gun made fashionable by the Force Recon or MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit), a US Marines design that modernized the everlasting M1911. Among the innovative features included the ambidextrous safety lock on the slide, the light trigger (manufactured by Videcki) and the new sights stand out. 


The metallic slide is the element that will change colour to offer three options within each model, always keeping the body in a camouflage pattern and the slide in colours: tan, green or camouflage. We liked the detail of including a tool to help us disassemble them, when removing the bushing on which the external barrel slides in each shot, although it can be done without it, it simplifies the process.


One of the safety is located on the slide1, an active safety, using an ambidextrous lever in the slide you can block the shot as long as we have cocked the gun previously. The other is located on the back of grip2, a passive safety, which means that it will be active as long as it is not removed. It locks the gun when you are not holding it, and so it prevents accidental shots when holstered, for example.


The model is fully metallic with the exception of pieces such as grips with a "golf ball" style design similar to that of Nighthawk, the real manufacturer. Some pieces like the trigger or the hammer are lightened. Although it is a merely aesthetic feature that has no impact on the performance of the gun, it helps provide a more modern image of the model. 


It recorded an average of 290 FPS with green gas (we recommend the use of Nuprol gas, it worked very well) and 0.20 g BBs in a room at 23 ºC. The gas charge provides an average of 3 magazines of 23 BBs. Although this may vary during a game due to the frequency with which you fire.


Although this model comes with a gas magazine, it is compatible with CO2 magazines. To this end, Raven includes in the box a series of upgrades such as the specific nozzle for these magazines, a set of o-rings, or a special spring so that the slide guide offers a better recoil. 


This is also known as "Water Transfer". It is a water-soluble polyvinyl paper film...but don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it is. It is a water container (its size may vary depending on the pieces to be printed) in which a superficial layer of "paint" floats with the desired pattern. When placing the piece to be painted in the container, the layer of paint adheres continuously to the surface causing the pattern not to break. For this process to work the piece must have been prepared previously (washing, sanding, primer and base coat) and after it must be cleared with water to clean and intensify the adhesion, and apply a coat of protective lacquer.

For some, the EU17 and EU18 models could remind them of some features of a certain brand. Models that were made in polymer to reduce their weight during a time, the 80s, in which if something was not made of metal was not well regarded. And yet, nowadays it is present in more than 75 countries, in a variety of units of all kinds and has countless fans.


The slider itself is metallic in both the EU17 and EU18 models. The main difference lies in the fire selector of the EU18 that will allow you to shoot not only in semiautomatic mode, but also in fully automatic, becoming a great option for marksmen and snipers. Or as secondary gun in CQB or speedsoft games. And the opening on the top that, in the real model, helps the cooling of the barrel when firing in auto.


In these type of replica guns, you can find shipping safety latch1 under the front part of the body. It is a unique characteristic of airsoft replicas, since the real model does not carry them. The second safety is located in the trigger2, in the form of a double lever, designed to avoid accidental shots when you carry the gun holstered.


The body of this replica is made of heavy duty polymer. This way they managed to create a light model without giving up a strong blowback thanks to the mass of the slide. Thanks to the granulated and fluting shapes on the front of the grip, it is very comfortable and firm to hold (something key when trying to control recoil). But it also includes two pieces that we can place on the back of the grip to increase its contour and make it even more comfortable for those hooters with big hands.


It comes standard with a gas magazine but it is also available in CO2. In order to use them, a specific nozzle and a set of O-rings are included in the box to be able to upgrade the gun to make the most of CO2 power. 


With green gas, in a room at 23ºC and using 0.20 g BB, it fired at an average of 280 FPS. Shooting in full auto recorded a ROF of 980 RPM. We emptied the 23 BBs in the magazine in a few seconds, although the cool down process will take a toll on the performance of the magazine, at least until it recovers the room temperature. 

These new models by Raven draw less attention during a game than the classic black pistols, but it is difficult the other players not to notice them when we are preparing before a game, since it is clear that Raven is focused on creating things we as players like. Do you think they have achieved it? We say they did.