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Writing at 0'20 has its perks, Emersongear showed us its new gear and let us have some ideas for the next reviews (This Feb. edition), so we try to do something similar to a FBI HRT kit (note for reenactors, it's just an approximation, just a "you kind of look like..."). We hope you enjoy it.

For starters, we can tell you that the HRT team (Hostage Rescue Team) of the FBI was formed in 1983 to take action in case of a terrorist attack at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984. In its more than 30 years of history, less than 300 applicants have managed to join it, and they have carried out more than 800 missions around the world.

The garments that we will use in this kit are part of the EmersonGear Blue Label product line. The most Premium line, with greater quality controls, and more care for the details, that you will find in their catalogue. This is the reason why this is such a comfortable and interesting kit for any player tired of wasting their money.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

G3 Tactical T-Shirt /RG  (EMB9322RG)

The top of the uniform is a Combat Shirt G3 based on the design by Crye Precision. The entire torso is made of a cotton fabric that transpires much better and prevents the vest from creating any friction, respecting the areas where there is greater sweating (armpits, chest and back). However, the fabric on the sleeves that goes all the way to the shoulders and neck, is a RipStop fabric, harder and that offers us greater protection against the frictions that we may suffer during a game: suspenders of the vest, straps, branches, the ground, etc.

The design has a zipper closure (a YKK original by the way, according to its labels) on the neck and Velcro on the sleeves, allowing us to get close it up more or less easily and comfortably.  It also has an area to insert elbow pads, which are not included, whose fabric reinforcement will also offer a slight additional protection if you do without the inserts. This is a remarkable difference compared to the G2 that has elbow pads in the style of the kneepads of these trousers.

The garment has a pocket on each shoulder. These have two vertical Velcro strips on the outside where you can place your patches. This is yet another of the great differences with respect to the G2 that carries a square Velcro surface, or the G4 that carries a soft velour surface. These pockets with flap and Velcro closure are asymmetrical. The right shoulder has two separate spaces inside, while the left only has one (although it has a loop on the outer side to carry a pen or hang the glasses by the pin). These loading spaces are great for carrying a notebook or even the mobile phone since it is very convenient due to its position and how secure your load remains.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

G3 Training Trousers/RG (EMB9319RG)

The bottom of this uniform is a G3 combat pants to match the top, and also based on the CP design. They are made of a RipStop fabric (50% nylon, 50% cotton) that prevents tears, although it has areas with more flexible fabric (91% nylon, 9% spandex) on the knees, in the crotch or on the backside that provide more comfort when you stretch, run or jump while wearing it, as it limits mobility much less than normal trousers.

The closure of the fly has an original YKK zipper, while the waist the garment is closed by Velcro. In addition, you can adjust it at the waist with another two Velcros as well, and so there is no much need for a belt. You can also adjust it to the knees and ankles, thanks to the Velcro closures, making everything stay in place and making the garment fit like a glove.

The design of the garment includes 12 pockets distributed symmetrically. The narrow knife pocket located on the load pocket stands out. Or the rubber inside it that will allow you to carry a bottle of water or a rifle magazine without it moving around in our pocket. I would also like to tell you about the pockets on the thigh, where the rubber bands that will allow you to adjust the height at which the kneepads will remain are located. And that the rear pockets, probably the ones that offer less loading space, are the only ones that are closed by a zipper.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

CP Style AVS Lite Vest (EMB7398)

This Plate Carrier resembles the AVS by CP in its lite configuration, which is possible by the use of the three-band skeletal cummerbund instead of the harness of the heavy.

This vest has a "kangaroo pouch" on the front where you can accommodate up to three rifle magazines. Although it also includes a molle panel that sticks on the outer Velcro of this space to maximise the possibilities when configuring the vest.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

420 Tactical Vest  (EMB7362)

This plate carrier vest is inspired by its design in the Armatus II PC by LBX. It has several features that make it stand out:

- Clips for easily hooking preconfigured front panels or chest rigs. In the same way that you can do with those with back plate. Being able to reconfigure the vest completely in seconds.

- Zippered pocket on the upper part of the front plate, it prevents accidental losses and is much quieter than Velcro.

- Skeletal cummerbund of three molle bands with grid surface between them for easy installation or replacement.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

Attacker Panel For:419420  (EMB9335)

The 420 Tactical comes with a triple rifle pouch front panel that is independent of each other with an elastic cord. But it can be replaced with the Attacker Panel, which is sold separately. It is a version of the Triple HSGI Taco Modular panel by LBX, which offers a configuration based on the High Speed Gear pouches, with lateral reinforcements in plastic and elastic cord around, resulting in a mixture between a cloth pouch and one of Kydex.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

Quick Triple Magazines Pouch  (EMB2388)

The triple magazine pouch offers a design with some pros and cons.  What we liked most is that when removing the magazines, the elastic fabric itself helps us to remove them making the process very fast and comfortable. In addition, since it is elastic, when we remove the last magazine, it stays stuck to the vest thus reducing the profile it offers. On the other hand, to put the magazines back can be somewhat difficult, especially if what we do is to take out the full one and put in place the one that we just emptied in the midst of battle. And we don’t really like either that it holds to the molle with just two vertical strips, it is true that it holds without issues, but the sides are not stuck to the vest and this is something that could be easily solved.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

500D Nylon Magazine Recycling Dump Pouch(EMB6032)

The design of this dump pouch is not a novelty, rather we could say that it is a classic where what stands out is the quality of its details. As for its operation, it has an internal lining system that we have tested in game and manages to hold the magazines in place when running. We also like the elastic band closure that allows you to adjust the size of the "mouth" of the drop pouch, so as to adjust it to the size of our hand, allowing us to place the magazines without issues and avoiding them to jump around. Unlike other bags this design does not fold, but to compensate it has a flat cut that offers a reduced profile.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

Military Medical Kit (EMB6368)

This pouch has a design focused on medical kits, not only due to the red cross that you will find stuck as standard in the upper Velcro, but for its operation. When opening the external clip, there is a fabric handle that will help you take off the Velcro pouch from the base (which will remain sewn into the molle of the vest). This way you will be able to access the sanitary material yourself with comfort, to make it available to the health service that takes care of us, or to throw it to a colleague that may need it. Inside you will find elastic straps that will help you to better organise the content so you can find them easily when you need it.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

PRC148/152 Universal Walkie Talkie Pouch (EMB8350)

This pouch is made of high density nylon which makes it more resistance to carry equipment of such value as AN/PRC-152 Falcon III or AN/PRC-148 MBITR radios. The design of the pouch helps the radio remain well-attached to the vest by molle to try to provide a lower profile. And at the same time, it has a clip band that when released releases the radio to access the controls and manipulate them without having to remove it from the pouch. An advantage that, in our experience, makes it the best option we have tested for this type of radios.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

Tactical Vest Accessory Panel For:AVS/JPC 2.0/CPC VEST (EMB8348)

This rear panel is compatible with different plate carriers such as the AVS (the one we used), the JPC 2.0 or the CPC. It has a system of zipper anchoring on the sides and loops for the molle in the central part that fixes it firmly, something necessary since we will use it as a backpack due to its features. It has a small pocket closed by zipper in the back to quickly access small items, and under a large Velcro where you can stick your favourite patches. When lifting the flap there is a hook that gives access to a zipper, which will open vertically granting access to the main space of the backpack, where you will find a net with a loop on the top to carry the hydration bag. But there is a feature that we liked especially, the space between the backpack and the part that fits the molle of the vest, has an extension on the bottom (which can be folded away and closed by Velcro if you don’t use it). You can carry breach tools like small hammers or cut-off shotguns.

EmersonGear Blue Label series 

CP Style AF Outdoor Tactical Helmet ((EM9224)

This replica of Crye Precision’s Airframe helmet not only reproduces the shape of the helmet but also brings us closer to the experience of carrying the real one emulating even its weight (with the exception that this one does not offer ballistic protection, obviously). Its "superimposed plates” design is interesting, but its function is to create ventilation, generating a passive cooling and that also helps reduce the damage generated by the expansive waves of an explosion (all this at least, in the real model). 

It’s actually very comfortable to wear thanks to its interior pads and the belt system that reproduces the Ops-Core H-Nape Head-Loc retention system. And although once you wear it, it may seem a bit massive from the front, the truth is that it weighs just a bit over one kilo and we were able to wear it comfortably while playing. 

It also has Velcro straps that you can stick in the helmet to your liking (although we recommend a standard configuration) to attach not only Velcros but IR or visible lights that serve as IFF (Identification, Friend or Foe) to distinguish friendly of enemies forces, or any other accessory for the helmet. It also includes the ARC Rail modular system where you can hook the adapters for the headset, flashlights, or cameras thanks to the accessories available for this system.

"Servare Vitas", which in English would translate as "To save lives", is the slogan of the FBI hostage rescue team that is displayed in its patch under the eagle breaking the chain. Maybe one of the details that we miss the most in this kit is an HRT patch, otherwise Emerson has taken care of every last detail of the garments.  ; ) (it must be said that the Blue Line’s quality stands out) and we have made a quite accurate selection (even without pretending to recreate the unit). What do you think?