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The family of the Phantom Extremis Rifles by APS has developed a great deal since it reached the market two years ago. The ePER708 or eMk. VIII is an example of how the brand reinvents itself again and again, always offering new and interesting features. This time, its rather sober design tries to reconcile with the most classic players, offering a very light and comfortable model, with very interesting details such as the small-angle pistol grip by DYTAC or the new eSilver Edge Gear Box, the brand new electronic gearbox by APS, a brand in constant innovation.


DYTAC DAG M4 ergonomic grip use

Dynamic Tactical, better known as DYTAC, is a well-known brand in the airsoft industry thanks to its accessories. This ePER708 includes a new DY-GP14-BK DAG M4 pistol grip made of high density polymer. The most relevant aspect of its design is the reduced angle that, as Travis Haley repeats in his videos, helps to place the hand more naturally by instinctively picking up the rifle. 

You can check this through a simple exercise. Place your hand as if you were a Playmobil toy, that is, with the four fingers together and stretched, and hold the pistol grip. Then, fold the three lower fingers, without moving the index finger. And check how in a classic M4 pistol grip the trigger finger is placed on the trigger guard, pointing diagonally to the trigger downwards. While in this one, since it is straighter, the index finger is more parallel to the body and remains naturally on the trigger.

With this, the trigger finger is more relaxed since you do not have to make any effort to keep it on the trigger, which helps when trying to shoot more accurately. To what extent? You may not notice it in a game but think that if someone like Haley who trains professionals recommends it constantly, it must be for a reason.

New Hawk folding sights

We have seen several different sight models in the PER family and although truly liked the Athena with optic fibre sights, these new Hawk folding sights have conquered our hearts. They are foldable and can be folded and unfolded without any button, something that speeds up the process and we really liked. But what we liked the most was its minimalist design, something that fits perfectly with the design line of the model.


The design of the ICEFYRE Muzzle Break, reminds us due to its bottom dotted part with several channels to a model of the real manufacturer called Ares Armor, although the finish in three tips may rather remind us of another real model, ACC Blackout. What we liked is that instead of finishing the inner barrel in the thread of the muzzle, APS has taken advantage of the length of the muzzle to mount a 45 mm longer one making the barrel end at the end of the muzzle.

13.5 "M-Lok RIS Handguard

One of the keys that makes the new PER so light is its 13.5 "M-Lok RIS handguard, which is similar to the usual Evolution Tech in the PER series but without the slots in the base of the upper Picatinny rail. 34.5 centimetres with an M-LOK system (originally developed by Magpul), to which you can directly attach accessories such as the "Dynamic hand stop" that comes standard and that will help you to quickly place the hand in the correct position. Although you can always use the rails (not included) to attach the RIS accessories that you may already have at home.

1- As usual in APS’ PER series, this replica does not have a closing plate for the ejection port. Since the blowback plate is responsible for protecting the hop up from outside dirt.

2- The bolt catch release is also custom made. But in order to activate it you will have to tighten the bottom part of the release when pulling the load lever back.

3- ·The fire selector is ambidextrous, making it easy to change modes with any hand. 

4- The magazine release is also ambidextrous, rugged and resized, so you can do fast reloads even with gloves without any problems.

5- It has a straight trigger, reducing trigger travel and making the shot more instinctive. This is something that real marksmen appreciate a great deal while it is a decorative feature in airsoft.

6-  The loading lever is resized to be able to be pulled comfortably with two fingers. Although you do not need to pull it to load it like a GBB.


After years of development, APS has launched its first electronic gearbox, which they have dubbed the eSilver Edge Gear Box. It contains a micro S.D.U. chip ™ (Super Dynamic Unit) that together with the magnetic gears and the micro witch trigger offers an instant shooting response.

The S.D.U.’s ™ function is to stop the gearbox to prevent further damage when the electric current is too high. In simple terms, the electric current (amps) will increase if there is a malfunction of the gearbox, for example: motor failure, damaged gears or a short-circuit. When the S.D.U. ™ detects more than five triggers pulls that exceed the amps, the gearbox will be disconnected to prevent any possible damage. 

To restart the gearbox, you will have to disconnect and reconnect the battery, although they recommend that before doing so you should review the cause of the malfunction and remedy it before it happens again.

The eSilver Edge comes standard with a micro switch trigger that works together with the S.D.U. ™ to offer a really quick firing response; APS tested at an average of 0.02 seconds, we could not measure it such a that degree of accuracy. Although, when shooting, we have experienced that thanks to the reduced angle grip, the straight short-pull trigger and the evolution of the gearbox, thinking about it is almost enough for the gun to fire. It is really impressive.

The design of the gearbox includes a quick spring change system and the casing of the gearbox has been reinforced to be used even with a M190 spring type, although this is only for the tests and the one that comes standard fits the power allowed in each country. The piston has also been reinforced internally and comes with the full metal zipper to enhance the durability of the set. The wiring has been twisted with a PET cover that provides them additional protection. And an APS detail is that the components are compatible with TM so it will not be hard to find spare parts or upgrades in case we need it.

In short, a replica gun with many interesting elements: a very light design, MLOK, ambidextrous controls, DYTAC pistol grip, RS2 stock, Hawk sights... Every internal detail has been paid attention to thanks to the new eSilver Edge Gear Box, which makes you want to play with it as soon as you try it. And that is something that speaks well about how APS is doing things. Keep it up guys!