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An operational team may include the figure of the "marksman", an operator with greater accuracy skills than the average, which can be equipped with a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), a rifle which offers greater range and precision (than in airsoft it is also characterised by carrying a telescopic scope), and which is usually semi-automatic instead of bolt, since unlike snipers, a marksman will always be integrated into the team and will not operate on his own.

In an airsoft team, a marksman of this kind must be able to provide support after the first line of action established by the riflemen, making selective casualties. The Rapax XXI by Secutor presents a renewed and more current design of the M110 rifles, which offers very interesting and appropriate features to play this role. 

Body ___________

The first thing to say about this model is that it is not an M4 (5.56 mm calibre) but is based on the M110 (7.62 mm calibre, more typical of marksmen) by Knight's Armament Company (KAC), but with a more renovated and updated design. It is made of metal through CNC, which provides a great consistency, without any gaps, a kind of metallic and robust feeling but without being heavy. There are certain details like the trigger guard, something that goes unnoticed by many riflemen, but that is much appreciated by marksmen when they are nicely taken care of, as in this case. It has a shape that can be used to place the finger when you have it outside the trigger, gaining comfort, and yet, the front is narrowed so that when shooting you do not have any obstacle in the way of the finger. Have you ever noticed?


· 50 BB magazine with design which measures 7.62 mm 

· CNC metal body 

· Programmable electronic trigger

· 6.03 mm precision barrel

· Adjusted as standard at 440-445 FPS power


The magazines are new, at least in an airsoft replica, since Secutor has been (we believe) the first brand to launch 7.62 magazines (we insist that they truly are for 50 6mm BBs) with a Magpul style and in polymer, like the real ones. It goes without saying that they have created something else, including different markings. It is manufactured in two colours, black and tan, which allows you to continue playing with the duality of colours of these models in the way that you may like. It's cool to have different aesthetic options. Although if what you like are the classic metal magazines of the M110, be aware that ARES’ are compatible


The handguards are different in each model in terms of colour and length. The M1 model is black and somewhat shorter than the tan M2. The first thing that surprised me when I grabbed it was its lightness (2'9 and 3'1 kg respectively), which, being a marksman’s model, which are larger than the conventional rifleman ones, is remarkable (if you play in this role you know for sure what I’m taking about). This feature is more necessary than it may seem, since when you add the accessories (scope, bipod, camera...) you are adding a lot of extra weight to the replica and despite that it is not a heavy replica, and that is to be welcomed as the hours go by in the battlefield.

Partly this is due to the material which it is made of and partly because of the M-LOK that uses "holes" instead of rails to attach accessories. And with less metallic material you get less weight and less volume, which translates into extra comfort. The only downside will be to change the accessories that you have for Picatinny rails by accessories with an M-LOK hook. And do not be tacky; if you place Picatinny rails hooked to the M-LOK you will ruin the technological advantage created by Magpul.

Fire selector_____________

One of the main features that give this model such versatility is the fire selector, which will allow you to use it in the style of a RECCE rifle and be able to fire in semi or auto, or, on the contrary, in the style of an M110 and limit it only to semi.

They have an ambidextrous selector as standard and it offers 3 fire modes: safe/semi/auto by default right out of the box. But that you can physically limit to only 2: safe/semi, with just unscrewing the levers and exchanging them. With the advantage that they lack the hateful balls that usually go inside the fire selectors and that you end up losing in conventional M4s.

Although you can also block the fire selector electronically with just programming the positions of your electronic trigger. For this purpose, you need a trigger programmer that is sold separately and that will allow you to leave the selector in one of these configurations:

· Safe/Semi/Auto

· Safe/Semi/3 Burst

· Safe/3 Burst/Auto

· Safe/Semi/Semi 

So that the options to adjust to the demands of players, fields, games and rules of each country increase and make our lives easier.


On the sides of the replica you can read "Rapax" and "XXI", the name of the model, in honour of the Roman legion founded by Cesar Augusto. Also known as "the predatory legion" as it is displayed in the marking of the frontal area of the body. It is such an unusual location that it stands out, and that, as far as we know, it has only been used by the 416 and 417 by Heckler & Koch. As you can see, Secutor maintains the tradition of his Roman names.


The use of textiles in these models is a novelty airsoft, since they do not usually come standard with the replica guns. But it is something that can be seen in real weapons, to avoid burning your trousers with the silencer after firing, or as a stop finger to place the hand in the correct position in the handguard.

In the case of the textile for the silencer, it will obviously will not protect us from any burn in airsoft, and when taking it out to play I was afraid that it would fall off. But it didn’t, the crossed rubbers prevent it from falling and I also managed to place some twigs to disguise the tip of the rifle a little when lying down in the bushes. I’m not sure if this was the original idea behind this textile, but it works.

For the M2 model that carries the textile in the handguard, and although I thought that the rubbers would make the grip more uncomfortable at first, the truth is that they make the grip more intuitive and the rubbers help you to prevent your hand from slipping. In addition, I followed the advice of the brand and took the opportunity to attach the cables of the AN/PEQ and the flashlight with the rubber bands, and prevent them from getting caught with the twigs when you run through the forest. And don’t ask me why I carry a flashlight if I play in the forest, we are all cool in our own ways. ;)


The M1 model offers us a stock configuration in which a stock that reminds us of the MOE SL Carbine Stock of Magpull is mounted. Its slim profile is very comfortable for those players who have a broad face since they have a more focused view when shouldering the replica. 

It has a hook for a QD ring holder (Quick Detachment) on both sides, which increases the possibilities when holding the rifle and makes everything "left-handed friendly". Although you can also use any of the two slots to anchor the strap.

The silencer is another of the main features that differentiate this model. Like most airsoft silencers, it is a purely aesthetic item and does not influence the sound that the replica makes. Although it does have a practical effect since it houses the inner barrel, allowing an extension of a few centimetres. Its short design, finished at the base of the handguard seems to go inside it, and responds to the most popular standards in the world of real firearms.

Main features:

· Weight: 2 913 g

· Length: 87.5 cm / 96 cm

· Internal barrel: 470 mm 

· Includes textile cover for the silencer

· M1 stock

· Silencer


The M2 almost seems a lighter version of the M1, and this is largely due to its stock, which reminds us of the TROY M7A1 PDW. This minimalist design model allows us to shorten the replica between 6 and 7 centimetres.

It could be interesting to see a model that emulates firing a 7.62 mm calibre using a stock like that (actually this is airsoft and we just fire 6 mm balls, but since there are people who take it so seriously...). However, we have discovered several real gun models (you can find one in the Troy catalogue) using calibres greater than the usual 5.56 with stock of these characteristics. Although there are more telescopic stocks instead of fixed ones in large calibre models such as the M14 EBR or the CheyTac M200, among many others.

This stock houses a cable for the battery that has been trimmed to maximise the space for the battery, being able to mount a LiPo battery of 11.1v inside (maximum recommended size 115 mm x 22 mm x 20 mm). Keep in mind that to open the space all you need to do is unscrew the end cap, since if you turn the wheel (which stands out more) you will unscrew the entire stock and access the quick spring change system.

Main features:

· Weight: 3 160 g

· Length: 80 cm / 92.5 cm

· Internal barrel: 420 mm 

· Includes textile cover for the handguard

· M2 stock: shorter cable for the battery

· Muzzle



The model has a type 2 gearbox so that the necessary spare parts and upgrade/downgrade options are easily found in the market. It has a combination of  8 mm bearings and bushing that minimise friction in the rotation of the gears and increase their durability.


The internal parts are complemented with a High Torque engine and a 6.03 mm precision barrel. By combining all these elements the replica hits an average time of 440-445 FPS with 0.20 g BBs right out of the box. This means that it has some internal parts that can take a great deal of wear a tear, and that if due to the legislation where you play you need to lower the power, it will be enough to change the spring to continue playing (it can be easily done thanks to the quick change system).


There is no need at this point to open the gearbox to know that it is quality. It has a very sensitive firing feel, with a minimum trigger travel, which will delight many and scare many others, the most careless (remember guys, always keep your finger off the trigger!). This is due to the programmable trigger included, which we have already told you about before. In addition, it includes silver wiring and an integrated mosfet that will ensure the proper functioning of the set.


It has a metallic quick change spring guide without bearings together with an M120 spring type. The piston is made of polymer reinforced with a full metal zipper. The piston head is also made of polymer, and thanks to its O-ring it provides a great seal in the cylinder. This is made of steel and has a closed design to maximise the air load in each shot. Both the cylinder head and the nozzle are made of polymer, improving the durability of the set by reducing the wear and tear on the knocking that occurs when firing.



An operator with a little more power and precision is always welcomed in a team. This is something we have seen before in TV shows like SIX or SEAL Team recently, or in many films and real-life pictures. Secutor offers it to airsofters with these RAPAX XXI M1 and M2, which justify both internally and externally the hype that its launch has awakened. And yes, I've kept one for myself.