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There came a time in history when operators realised that professional mountain gear worked better in their missions than the generic material they were given in their armies and so they started using it. But this did not last long, as tactical brands quickly realised and adapted their catalogues to these needs. Manufacturing equipment as good as professional mountain gear but with tactical details that they knew would be appreciated in the special operations community. One of these brands was Helikon-tex.


Have you heard the saying "less is more"? Well, this is the philosophy behind this mountain backpack. It is extremely light, but don’t be fooled, the fabrics are extremely resistant and its design will allow you to pack everything you need without problems in its 40 litres capacity.

They have dispensed with everything that could be left out, and yet it is a very complete backpack. The main compartment is accessible from above by an opening that closes with Velcro, can be rolled up and secured with a clip. And at the same time, you can access the content without having to take everything out thanks to a zipper that runs vertically, something that will save you a lot of time.

There is a small pocket located at the top to carry items such as a spare pair of glasses. Which are very accessible and have their own space to avoid being crushed by the rest of the load. And there is a slot under it to feed the hydration bag tube (yes, the famous Camelback).

There is an elastic fabric that is hooked with two clips to the sides at the top on the main compartment. This compartment is perfect for carrying a helmet or warm clothes. For things that we need handy and can pick up or place back quickly. In addition, thanks to the elasticity of the fabric and the clips, it is a compartment that can be used to any type of object preventing it from moving.

There are two pockets also made of elastic fabric on the sides, on which you will find several lines compatible with Molle/Pals allowing a large number of configurations. From the simple water bottle below and admin pouches on top, to sticks, a radio with a large antenna or a submachine gun secured to the Molle.

The straps are wide but with a cut that adapts to the shape of the body so that there is no friction during long marches or when having to fire with the backpack on. Besides, they can be adjusted with the usual straps in backpacks of this capacity, they have a clip closure on the chest and at the waist to keep the backpack stuck to the body at all times. Helikon-tex’s "x" design for the clip closures in this backpack is an interesting choice.

Finally, one more detail that demonstrates how the philosophy of "less is more" has not prevented them from making a quality backpack. There are zippered pockets on the waist bands where you can easily access basic items: your mobile phone, a multitool, some food... All very well-thought, which shows that Helikon is based on the real experience of professionals to design their collections.


Whether for a long milsim, for a raid, a navigation exercise or just a mountain trek, this chest rig is a great idea. Sometimes, for everything that is not about combat (which in certain games is over 80% of the time) we need to carry more useful items at hand at that time than magazines and grenades. For those occasions, the Bushcraft Line (yes, like the old Australian song) offers modern and versatile solutions, with great finishes.

The Numbat Chest Pack follows the pattern of a chest rig, so it leaves the entire back free to carry any type of backpack if needed. The straps are secured by clips, so putting it on and off will be very comfortable and fast, they also have a rubber band that will prevent the remaining part of the strap from hanging, with the risk of getting stuck with a branch.

There is an inverted T-shaped fabric reinforcement at the front with laser cuts compatible with MOLLE/PALS to attach items such as, in our case, an IR light. In addition to anchor points to tie elements to the gear carrier and making sure you do not get lost even in full darkness. There are two pockets on the sides closed only by a superimposed lapel for the elements that we need to have handy.

There is also another double molle style cut in lower part that will allow you to reposition or add another exterior hook. There are two other molle hooks in the lower part and underneath an elastic crossed rope that we can attach from a turnstile, to a larger flashlight, or even a survival knife. 

Finally, on the sides, there are four stretches of rope in which you can hook a carabiner for gloves, chemical lights, the cap or anything you need to hang.

The Numbat Chest Pack has a zipper that opens completely providing access to the inside. Thanks to two strings inside, the pouch remains open at 90º allowing you to check the documentation of the map holder without having to actually hold it. In the inner part there is an empty surface of "soft velour" to be able to fit any configuration of Velcro pouches of those available by Helikon-tex (gun holster, magazines, small objects, admin stuff... whatever you need).

Just behind the map holder there is a space with multiple pockets, of different sizes, and with different types of closures, to carry everything you need handy (GPS, flashlight, compass, paper and pen, multi-tools...). Although you must bear in mind that the more you load your pockets, the more challenging it will be to close a garment that is designed to help you quickly use what you need at any time, not to mention the additional weight it entails. Sometimes, less is more.


RANGE TACTICAL GLOVES (Coyote/Adaptive Green)

One of the keys to the success of Helikon-tex’s products is that they are designed in collaboration with expert shooters, this is why they are so comfortable and useful to the players. This is the case, for example, of these Range line gloves. They stand out since, in addition to their design (which already makes them a top product) are very comfortable, not hampering sensitivity at all, something very important, especially for the trigger finger, which is what users demand the most.

And this is where the choice of fabric comes into play, 93% polyester and 7% lycra or spandex according to the label, which provides comfort and breathability. For the palm however, they use a synthetic leather since it is the part that suffers more wear and tear. A detail that stands out is that some fingers have a different finish. So the thumb has a microfiber surface to clean the glasses without scratching them, and the middle finger has a fabric that will allow you to use your smartphones without taking off your gloves. Showing off is key in our life and it seems that Helikon-tex wants to encourage us.

The gloves have a Velcro closure on the inside of the wrists, which firmly holding the wrist. The debate on whether the closure should be on the inside or the outside of the wrists is never-ending, and ultimately depends on each user, and although in this case it is located inside, there are models in the catalogue that have it outside. Nevertheless, there is consensus on the convenience of the loop under the Velcro and with which you can hang the gloves of a carabiner not to lose them while you do not use them.

The designs of the Range Tactical and the All Round Tactical are aesthetically different despite the fact that they share the main features. However, the All Around are considerably lighter (almost half the weight) and the Range Tactical have a few folds in the joints of the fingers to make them more comfortable during a prolonged use of the weapons.


If the design of this garment looks familiar it is because it is based on the famous USMC Beanie Cap. Made of 95% polyester and 5% lycra or spandex according to the label, this is why it is so light and breathable, while adapting perfectly to your head without being too tight (props for not offering just a one size fits all model). We liked that it was warm enough to warm us when it’s cold; we tested it at 4 ºC, but at the same time it did not bother us when using it under different headsets, or even under the different helmets that we have in the office.

There are two rectangles both at the front and at the back that can go unnoticed if you do not know that they are "soft velour" Velcro, ideal to place "morale patches" or identification patches (there is one for an IFF patch at the top, but these are of little use in airsoft). In fact, the back part also has a small zippered pocket in which to carry small items like spare ear protections (for real shooters) or a small dummy knife (in case we are captured in a milsim). And under it, a small loop of rope to hang the cap from a carabiner if it bothers you. Although making it into a ball and placing it in the first pocket that you find, or even between the chest and the plate carrier, can be a quicker solution.


This is not just a patch with the flag of the Republic of Poland. It is an enhancer of the cool effect in the shape of a 9x5 cm PVC patch. It has a matte finish that will prevent glare, and its white and crimson colours will help you to be quickly identified and wreak havoc among the enemy. This version of the flag includes the Polish national shield, which is used abroad for diplomatic representations. The white and crimson colours represent in a simplified way the national shield, with the white stripe representing the eagle, and the crimson line the shield. For almost 100 years this flag has been waved with pride by many warriors and has terrorised the enemy.

Why do we include a patch with the Polish flag? Well, maybe we Europeans also have a say about the tactical world, not all good things are "Made in USA”.