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Sand castles

When I was little,  I used to go on holiday to the beach with my parents. The best thing for me was going first thing in the morning and, while my parents were planting the umbrella and placing the towels, I used to build a castle with its four towers, moat, bridges and secret escape tunnel...

Everything was about tactical happiness (all the tactical that a six year old can be) until another kid from my neighbourhood arrived with his parents. He also liked building castles, but he did not have the patience, skill or desire that I did, and that ate him alive. So, heartless as he was, he would kick his football around to destroy my castle or run over it to knock it down.

I did not understand it back then, today I realise that all the kid wanted was for me to play with him. Only that envy prevented him from joining my game and he did not have enough social skills to tell me so. But that's just a story from when I was little. Now I am an adult, who plays airsoft, but an adult all right, and that shits doesn't happen now ... or does it? Trolls, no one liked you then and no one does now.


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