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The CQR airsoft replica is the result of the collaboration of three large companies: ICS, ActionSportGames and HERA ARMS. It is a model of exceptional quality that uses original customized parts made by HERA ARMS, parts produced based on the original 3D CAD drawings, and ICS internal parts. In addition, it has the 2nd generation ICS electronic trigger with preload system, together with the modular gearbox and QD spring guide. Nothing has been left to chance, in one of ICS’ star models in this first quarter of 2019.


HERA Arms is a Germany based company founded in 2008, and that started by manufacturing high quality kits for the civilian versions of the UMP (USC) and the G36 (SL8), from which it made the leap to pistols: Glock and 1911, to finally taking the logical step towards the AR15 (M4). And from there they enter the world of airsoft, in this joint project with ASG and ICS. 



This model is based on the successful ICS CXP EBB, which has original HERA Arms parts such as the real pistol grip. Since, although you see the marking of HERA Arms on one side and The15th on the other, the upper and lower receiver are not like the The 15th model by the German brand, but follow the design of the ICS CXP instead. This model will be available in two colours, black as the one in this review and dual tone (tan-black).


The foregrip and the stock are those of a CQR (Close Quarter Rifle) by HERA, which provides a more ergonomic look to the model, although it can be a little uncomfortable to operate the selector or accommodate the grip of the handguard. They have QD and traditional hooks on each side. In the lower part of the stock, when removing the lid, there is a rail to place a monopod. The stock is fixed, although the one in the original model, has separators of different thickness to adjust to the size of the shooter.


The IRS handguard is also a HERA hallmark, with a length of 7” is the shortest of the German brand, designed for CQB. Surprisingly it uses Picatinny rails instead of M-Lok or Keymod, although with the amount of accessories that we have for this system it is plus.


This replica comes with the iconic ICS modular gearbox version 2, with a real quick spring change. Since it is modular, you will not need to disassemble the stock to access the spring, since removing the pins to remove the upper will be enough.


One of the main novelties that ICS presents is its latest generation of electronic trigger, although there will be a standard version that will only mount a mosfet. The SSS.II has an active brake, being able to perform self-diagnostics of the firing system. Furthermore, the trigger can remember the characteristics of the engine and efficiently adjust the power to gain a better positioning of the gears.


This second generation of the SSS E-trigger together with the pre-hammering function considerably improves the response of the shot and its accuracy. In addition, the piston drives the electric blow-back system by which the plate that protects the ejection port moves in each shot, in the same way the bolt of the real model does.


This replica is equipped with an EVO motor, which has high heat resistance magnets and spherical bearings, providing a greater capacity to radiate heat, consume less and is capable of reaching higher RPM (revolutions per minute), around 35000 according to the manufacturer which makes it a very interesting option.


One of the features that ICS incorporates to its replicas that we like the most is the self-release system of the dock when you put the fire selector in safety mode. This function prevents us from having to shoot several times in semi auto to make sure that the spring is relaxed, thus lengthening its useful life and its performance.

In short, the fact that a real manufacturer is involved in the creation of an airsoft replica sounds like fantastic news, which is a hopeful sign of a promising future. And seeing the specific result of this "joint-venture" we can only say, can we take it with us next weekend to play?