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Emersongear is a brand that does not go unnoticed among players. It has earned its place in the playing fields and nowadays it is rare to find a player who does not carry some gear from this brand. And they did not make it this far to stop now. The next step has been to create streetwear. And we are not only talking about its Street line, EmersongearS, but to the possibilities offered by the new garments of its streetwear catalogue, so that, as airsofters, show off our elegance whatever our style and without the need of uniforms. Welcome to the "après-airsoft".

We would not know if retro style is back or that good things never go out of style. Here is a combination with a lot of style.

The design of this garment is based on the US Army Vietnam jungle jacket, a first pattern originally manufactured for the US Special Forces, with some modifications.

The upper left pocket has an opening in the flap to place a pen or the pin of the sunglasses. It is an opening through which you access a narrow pocket inside your own pocket.

It has four bellows pockets in the front, where you can carry all you need. And an interior one for more delicate items: wallet , mobile phone, maps of enemy positions...

It is a garment for the chance of season, it is not waterproof, it is not too warm, but it has a very interesting retro look. And like everything on the Street line, it has an airsofter look, so that you can wear it on the street.

The Blue Label series by Emerson contains the highest quality garments, and this becomes clear when you try these trousers with a BDU look.

The front pockets have a pocket just as deep inside, to better organize what we carry, and a protector to carry the knife clipped to the trousers.

Both the back and cargo pockets are bellow style, so you can carry many things without much bulk when they are empty. All of them have an opening in the flap to place a pen, or a similar tool (be careful when you sit down).

If you are one of those who think that the past is in the past, maybe you should try something more modern, trendy, current, fashionable... How about something like that?

This kangaroo-style windbreaker from the Street series could go completely unnoticed if it were not for the MultiCam flap on the front pocket. And even then, it is not a garment that stands out too much.

In addition to the central pocket, it has another one in the right shoulder (the left one has a Velcro for morale patches) and in the nape an elongated one to be able to roll up the hood.

It has two zip fasteners on the hip that will help you gain mobility or reduce the amount of heat that you lose through the lower part of the garment. The cuffs can also be adjusted with Velcro, just like the collar with the zipper (thanks to the inner flap, our beards are safe from pinching) and the brackets.

A garment that, when folded, will take up very little space in a backpack and that is very handy when it gets chilly unexpectedly. And since black goes with everything...

If you do not care about fashion, and you are looking for something that you can use both at play and on the street. That does not stand out outside an airsoft field, but does not make you look like a rookie, how about this?

It has two large pockets with zipper closure and Velcro on the shoulders, maybe the two details that make it a tactical shirt. A great option to go unnoticed and enjoy "airsoft" features.

A detail that stands out are its buttons fastened by cloth tape, more resistant than usual, aesthetically more appealing, but if they end up falling, they will be harder to fix it.

With breathable fabric on the top of the back to help you evacuate heat, but externally covered by a rip-stop fabric to ensure the durability of the shirt.

The outer part of the garment is hydrophobic, water repellent, so it will prevent you from getting wet if it starts to rain, although it will not keep you dry forever. And inside, it has a fleece finish that keeps you warm.

The sleeves have two zipper pockets on the forearms, two with bellows to carry more stuff and Velcro on the outside. It has two more pockets in the chest, one double, plus the usual two in the torso. As you can see, it offers a high load capacity and is well compartmented.

If clothing brands are launching garments with camouflage fabrics, EmersonGear offers products to be worn on the street, so we can show off what we like most, airsoft. Because our hobby is not at all incompatible with elegance and style, who else can spend more time deciding what to buy or what to wear next weekend?