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It is hard for me to be unbiased,
I actually have a Rapax M2 with which
I have played a lot and I am very happy. I have been able to test with my own hands almost 9 different Rapax units between the old and the new models (the perks of having a job in the airsoft industry) that's why, when talking about the M3 and M4, which also have some improvements compared to my model, it will be difficult for me to be critical.

Let me tell you in advance, my dear reader, that I highly recommend it if you want a DMR, its only negative point is its high price, which is for debate, because if you buy a cheaper model and upgrade it (plus the cost of the mechanic) it can end up costing you as much. But I am getting ahead of myself, why choose a RAPAX as a marksman? Let’s find out!


An expert marksman represents that player who, after the first line of action established by the riflemen and using a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), supports his team by taking down selective targets that his teammates mark. DMRs in airsoft require mid/high range replicas with certain perks (depending on the country) that really allow you to be effective at a greater distance than a rifleman.

The new Rapax XXI M3 & M4 from Secutor presents a renewed and more current design of the M110 rifles. Wow! Do not mistake the Rapax "M4" -meaning "model 4" - with an M4 carbine.

The real M4 has is a 5.56 calibre while the Rapax are based on Knight's Armament Company (KAC) SR25 or M110 which is a 7.62 calibre (more typical of marksmen), although they have a more updated and trendy design. These replicas are made of aluminium through CNC, which provides a great consistency, without any gaps, a kind of metallic and robust feeling but without being heavy.


  • Includes 2 magazines
  • Custom textile cheek rest on the stock
  • Textile coverage on the handguard
  • Includes special 45° sights to use telescopic sights
  • Length adjustable stock
  • Ergonomic pistol grip with non-slip texture    
  • Silencer included
  • QD ring included

Why choose a RAPAX as a marksman?

Physically lock the rifle to semi-automatic only:

It is as easy as swapping the fire selector part sideways. As you can see, the internal selector has a "bridge" that allows to swap to auto, but if you exchange them the external selector does not have it and it is blocked in the safe/semi option preventing it from changing to auto.

Programmable electronic trigger:

You can program the fire modes of the replica’s fire selector between safe, semi-automatic, three-burst (burst) and automatic. So you can leave it in safe/semi/semi or safe/semi/burst to look for a more marksman-like configuration. Although in any case, you will need a fire programmer that is sold separately.

Precision barrel all the way to the silencer:

The replica has a 6.03mm precision barrel flush with the standard silencer. No part of the barrel is wasted here! Which means that you can carry a 510 mm barrel, worthy of a marksman.

Adjustable stock:

Both models have a KAC SR25 type fixed stock with the rubber recoil pad adjustment by means of a roulette wheel on the outside of the stock (if you are right-handed) to increase or reduce the length of the stock. In addition, the cheek rest allows us to improve our shouldering position so that the eye is aligned quicker with the sight when aiming.

Quick spring change:

The replica, in addition to incorporating the quick spring change, is adjusted to 440 FPS shooting 0.20 g BBS and it showed variation between shots of 1 or 2 FPS on the stopwatch. A well-adjusted replica so that every shot counts in combat.

Hop-up rubber for heavier weights:

This is one of the points that have been improved in relation to previous models. The new rubber is much harder and is ready to be used with heavier weights. We carry out the tests with 0.40 g to get the best range/precision ratio, although obviously you can use lighter weights, such as 0.25 g, without problems, it actually depends on your style and the use you want to give to the Rapax M3 or M4.


The use of textiles in these models is a novelty airsoft, since they do not usually come standard with the replica guns. But it is something that can be seen in real weapons, in the silencer to avoid burning your trousers after firing, or as a stop finger to place the hand in the correct position in the handguard.

These new models carry the textile in the handguard, and although I thought that the rubbers would make the grip more uncomfortable at first, the truth is that they make the grip more automatic and the rubbers help you to prevent your hand from slipping. In addition, I followed the advice of the brand and took the opportunity to attach the cables of the AN/PEQ and the flashlight, and prevent them from getting caught with the twigs when you run through the forest. And don’t ask me why do I carry a flashlight if I play in the forest, we are all cool in our own ways.
The other textile that they include is that of the stock, which is basically a cheek rest that will allow you to place your cheek more comfortably in the stock so that your eye is quickly aligned with the sight when aiming.

Magazines made of polymer:

They are very resistant and robust; they are not soft plastic. Its design is a 7.62 calibre type, with capacity for 50 BBs of 6 mm with a design similar to the PMAG 10 LR/SR Gen M3 from Magpul. The box includes two magazines, a nice touch since we only need to buy one more magazine, you can carry one inside the replica plus two in the vest (which are 7.62 and will take up more space than those of the M4).


The model has a type 2 gearbox so that the necessary spare parts and upgrade/downgrade options are easily found in the market. It has a combination of 8 mm bearings and bushing that minimise friction in the rotation of the gears and increase their durability.

The internal parts are complemented with a High Torque engine and a 6.03 mm precision barrel which goes all the way to the silencer. By combining all these elements, the replica hits an average time of 440-445 FPS with 0.20 g BBs right out of the box.

It has been used to install the new models of a rubber designed to shoot with high weights. So far we have tested up to 0.40 g and it has delivered very good results. 


  • Programmable electronic trigger
  • Integrated mosfet
  • Silver wiring
  • Quick spring change
  • Precision 6.03 mm barrel
  • New hop rubber prepared for heavy ball weights
  • Standard adjusted to 440-445 FPS power at 0.20 g
  • Combination of bearings and 8mm bushing
  • Piston with all metal teeth.


As a conclusion, here is the answer to the question we asked at the beginning: Why choose a RAPAX as a marksman? But you already know the answer if you have come this far. The only really important question is: What scope do I buy now?