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There are many cool people in airsoft. We follow many of these players on Instagram, YouTube... and although we do not know them personally, we like their vibes. But we need to make a distinction: airsofters who have a public profile and who are cool playing (as there are "anonymous" players who are also cool) and people we follow on social media who are "cool" but then let you down in the fields in the middle of the game and they are not so cool anymore.

Commitment, that is the key to differentiate them. It does not matter if it is a quick game or a milsim, the cool player is the one who is committed to the game, doing his part to contribute to the fun in the quick game or with his predisposition to comply with everything that is organized in a milsim. Because it does not matter what type of airsofter we are, what type of game we like, how popular we are in the hobby, our commitment as players is to lead by example.


Viper Tactical VP Armour Hoodie Titanium

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Night Evolution NE 01008-BK

Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Utility Rig Green

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