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Bellum enters the market once again in an exclusive and very limited edition of a single model called: BELLUM CUSTOM II GREY. This pistol made in Taiwan by Lead Chih (the same factory as KJWorks and hence a 100% KJWorks compatible pistol) is relaunched with collector's details such as its hand-made stippling or its exclusive compensator, which is also possibly one of the most beautiful compensators and proportionate to the pistol in the "Beretta” world, which, of course, is a totally subjective statement to the criteria of the writer.

If you are a Beretta lover in its most modern versions, this BELLUM model is a pistol that you should consider.

Italian origin

This model resembles the M9A1. A gun which, in its real version, was able to defeat the almighty P226 in terms of gearing up the US army, replacing the everlasting 1911. A feat which could also be reflected in this airsoft replica version.


This model has new features of the original M9. The barrel protrudes out of the slide offering a threaded end protected by a thread cover. 

This -14 mm or 14 CCW thread can be used to attach silencers(Previously removing the compensator).

The gun maintains its traditional thread/thread cover of the model and a compensator is also included that provides the gun a much more aggressive and modern look. 

This compensator is simply fastened by means of a small screw that works as a clip and is a purely aesthetic element. In a real gun, the compensator allows the gases to escape from the top, compensating for vibrations and recoil from the shot. 

The lower RIS can be used to attach accessories such as flashlights, lasers or even small grenade launchers. Although since it is not a Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) it does not have the usual serration, but a single slot for holding the attachment.


It is a very widespread technique among special operations teams and later in the civilian world of weapons, which consists of making points or lines in the grips of the pistols with a tin welder, modifying the shape of the grip itself to improve the grip and prevent them from slipping. 

Needless to say there is a risk when performing this process, since if you make a mistake there is no going back (you are literally burning the plastic of the grip).

These BELLUM CUSTOM have been made in the same way, point by point or line by line in Taiwan. A very detailed and difficult job that makes each pistol, like the real ones, unique. Each pistol in unique since it is a manual process.


There is no need to know Latin to be able to understand the sentence in the heading, which would translate as: “If you want peace, prepare for war” A great motto displayed on the side of this gun, with yet another nod through the branding on the safety, which displays the word “pax” (peace) on the locked position, and “bellum” (war) on the unlocked position.  

You will unlock the safety and pull the trigger to unleash war, or BELLUM, in Latin. BELLUM.

CO2 that can be used in winter or summer time.

Secutor keeps offering CO2 in its replicas as standard. This allows using metal slides and enjoying a truly powerful blowback. In any case, you can use gas magazines from other brands with these guns, which will offer more or less power depending on the type of gas.

The magazines also stand out from classic designs, offering a longer base, which besides an aesthetic purpose, is very useful for large hands or to be able to insert a new magazine swiftly, since they provide a longer surface at the bottom.

Another detail exclusive to all Secutor guns is that they provide an extra nozzle for summer (the winter nozzle is already installed in the replica). While they may seem the same, the summer nozzle includes a metal part inside that helps reduce the power of the gun so that it provides the appropriate speed for each airsoft field or regulation.


In short, BELLUM CUSTOM II offers the exclusivity of colour, it is a very difficult grey tone to achieve and also very beautiful, you will understand it when you physically hold it in your hands as it is very difficult to show in a photograph. With stippling, compensator, an extra nozzle to regulate power, compatible with KJWorks, thread for the silencer... If you are the type of player who wants an exclusive and different pistol, you should take into account what they say:  “Si vis pacem, para Bellum"