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The ROSSI NEPTUNE series  is comprised of four models, of all sizes and all colours, from the most realistic to more civilian looking models. 

Three of the models have 9" handguards and one called PDW with a 5.5" handguard much to the delight of the purest CQB players.

But the novelty in the NEPTUNE line is the relaunch of the 9” Marsoc model in a full black colour, as its predecessor had the stock in TAN colour and the RIS in bronze colour. This new colour update and internal components is improved compared to the previous model and offers an alternative to those players looking for a more classic replica gun.

Externally, they are the best we have seen in recent years, their robustness and good assembly of the materials provides a sturdy feel and it shows that there is a very well done CNC work in the RIS that can compete in terms of quality with other high-end brands.

It has markings on both sides of the replica; it has the logo of the trident that represents the Neptune series and the motto on the outside: Op. Neptune Spear in honour of the men who participated in that operation. It has Rossi's markings on the inside of the replica and the unique serial number of each model. 

Forget about the typical M4 muzzle on this model; it has a muzzle inspired by the Surefire SOCOM RC 4 Prong, something that provides the model a renewed look and a cooler touch. Even so, we can attach KAC type silencers with QD system.

In this new version the handguard is black with a Daniel Defense design and an anodised paint that will make it look like you have the original handguard in your hands. As the real model, the length is 9” and it is one of the most versatile handguards that we can find on the market since it has a RIS system on all four sides. 

The box includes two polymer mid-cap magazines, with a capacity of 120 bbs each.  Rossi surpasses many airsoft brands including this extra magazine detail that reduces your initial cost of equipping yourself and we appreciate it. The magazine design is Magpul style and is made of a very resistant polymer that will withstand drops and falls.

MK18 Mod. 1 

This model is an evolution of the MK18 Mod. 0 which in turn is an evolution of the M4 CQBR developed by the US Navy. The main feature of Mod.1 is that it replaces the initial handguard with the one already known to all Daniel Defense and shortens the barrel to a length of 9”. So if we want to recreate units with great accuracy that use this model, we can only use 9”l ong handguards. In this sense, the MARSOC model and this new version in black is perfect if you like the style of the “Semper fidelis” boys.

Op. Neptune Spear 

This product line takes its name from an operation carried out by the DEVGRU, an American special operations force, which attacked and eliminated a priority target at that time (Osama Bin Laden) in Abbottabad (Pakistan) and this mission is famous for being the national "revenge" for what happened on 11 September in New York. Books have been published about this event, including “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen (who was one of the commandos who carried out the assault) and the famous film “Zero Dark Thirty”.

Internal parts

Internally, this model has a reinforced gearbox that mounts 8 mm bearings and a reinforced piston with all metal teeth and a reinforced piston head made of POM with a bearing (it is basically a material that absorbs impact better than a metal piston head and therefore is more silent).

And here is the best part; it already mounts an electronic trigger with mosfet offering an average power of 330 fps that, added to its precision barrel of 6.02 mm in diameter and 270 mm in length, means that you do not need to touch anything, so it is a replica that is ready out of the box.

It has a spring guide with a bearing, something that will help us in case we want to change the gearbox spring since we will not need to disassemble almost the entire replica to be able to access it. Other new details are an aluminium nozzle with gasket and gears made with CNC processing.


Are you thinking of acquiring a Mk18 type replica? Or are you looking for a mid-range replica with very good features? Well, there is an answer for both questions, if you like the model, this is your replica. Like everything in life, of course it can be improved, but we cannot deny that this is a replica that has good quality internals, very solid and well finished on the outside, in addition to the fact that it already comes with an electronic trigger out of the box. In short, this MARSOC model is one of the best options in this quality/price ratio on the market.