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Trekking shoes are obviously quite comfortable and light. If you add an urban design to the mix, the result is a shoe that allows us to play airsoft and can also be used as street footwear. The technical part in RTC shoes uses concepts from trekking footwear by presenting characteristics designed for walking or running in irregular environments with materials capable of protecting or making the use of these shoes more comfortable.

Hydra and Huargo are two of the different models offered by this brand which are the most interesting for us because they combine the technical and tactical shoe that we would use to play in CQB with a design that we like to be able to use them on a daily basis.


Low cut

Thanks to the low cut it offers greater agility when moving around the playing field, it is a type of design in which the shoe is below the malleoli (yes, you also have those; the bones that protrude on the sides of the ankle), unlike running shoes that rest on them. This provides firm support, obviously less than a boot, but offers extra mobility as trekking shoes do.

TPU layer

TPU fabrics are waterproof and will keep the feet dry and also contribute to wick sweat away. A rather useful feature for long games or when playing in places with high humidity. Do not be afraid to step on puddles! The proof are the photos in this article themselves, where both Hydra models were placed on water for more than 30 minutes, repelling it perfectly and ensuring dry socks, something not as relevant in a photo session but which becomes essential if you are in a mountain and need to wade a river.

EVA outsole

We will have better traction on the ground, especially if the soil is wet or loose stones. It also makes the outsole more durable. And the EVA heel contributes to (the spongy material) that offers a better heel support and a greater padding to offer the foot a greater comfort. It is part of the invisible magic that these boots have.

01- High density EVA insole

02- Lined and padded tongue and inside for maximum comfort and instep protection

03-Reinforced heel and toe

04-Triple layer rubber heel for shock absorption

01- Dual density EVA and anti-slip rubber outsole

02- Nylon Eyelets

03- Made of breathable canvas and anti-abrasion TPU

04-Double reinforced seams in high stress areas



This insole provides a perfect grip in all directions of the shoe, with which to avoid the foot from moving inside the shoe. Thanks to the hygienic POLIYOU insole, we will keep the insole free of fungus and prevent the shoe from smelling with use, something that those riding in the car with us will appreciate.


One of the highlight is that the shoe has original Multicam, the real one, which the "pros" show off about. This shoe may remind us of the famous Altama Maritime, a shoe designed for operators who work in ship raids or defending the ships themselves, where such a technical or taller shoe is not necessary.    

Cordura 1000D

The upper part of the shoe is made of Cordura 1000 fabric, which makes the shoe more resistant and lighter. Breathability is also increased thanks to the nylon parts of the upper part. A very interesting option in the summer time or in warm climates since it will provide greater comfort despite having to travel long distances.

EVA midsole

A lighter and more durable shock absorption thanks to this material, protecting against friction and absorbing impacts in a stable way. This makes the shoe perfect for those weighting around 75 to 90kg. It also makes the sole more durable.

01- Doublure intérieure en maille respirante qui aide à éliminer la sueur et l'humidité

02- Semelle intérieure hygiénique POLIYOU haute densité

03- Semelle extérieure EVA double densité et semelle antidérapante en caoutchouc naturel

04-MULTICAM® CORDURA 1000D Nylon haute résistance

05- Coutures doubles renforcées dans les zones de contrainte maximale



Little is said about this brand of footwear, which from our point of view, should be taken into account if we are looking for a comfortable, durable and undoubtedly economical footwear for airsoft. Although we must confess that the Huargo have blown us away so much that we will wear them even when we go to the corner shop, the original Multicam goes with everything! On the other hand, we found the Hydra were super comfortable despite how robust they seem when you grab them for the first time.