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Most items of a technical nature have been focused on team play, but the reality in airsoft is that on more than one occasion you find yourself  facing danger alone and that is where your own abilities, experience and the skills developed over the years make a difference in the particular and paradoxical urban settings.

Urban combat is characterised by diminishing the differences between the levels and abilities of the players, since anyone can hide behind a corner or wait for you behind a barricade.

For this reason, this article will provide some basic notions on how to act in certain cases and tilt the balance in favour of the most prepared player, the rest will depend on the unpredictable nature of the combat.

May your opponent's shadow see the light long before your own!


You should always protect as many angles as possible, think of a square: with its front, back and sides. The more angles protect, the fewer sectors you will have to monitor. For this reason, always stick to a wall when moving forward, in this way it is understood that you have "cleared" the area that you leave behind as you advance, and so you will be able to focus your attention in one of your flanks and the front area.

01 Before moving, when possible, look for higher ground from which to see the route to be followed and possible enemy positions.

02  Look for the best places to hide, among other: Shaded spots or areas, interiors of buildings or spaces that allow jumping from one cover to the next.

03  Your movements have to adjust to the situation: move quickly when you have no cover to avoid being an easy target (a) and when you have cover you can move slower looking for shooting positions or opponents (b).

04  Whenever you advance, you have to locate areas to fall back to in case you have to retrace your steps, so in case of a hasty retreat you will instinctively know what points you must go to in order to face a superior enemy or with a shooting advantage.

05 Never enter or exit a building through doors or windows of possible, you should try to move by the least obvious points. Everyone waits for their enemy aiming directly at the exit door, play with mischief and take advantage of this.

06  Use logic: Duck under windows, avoid doors as much as possible, and run as little as possible between cover spots, since the more you run, the less ability to observe the environment you will have. 


01 Always select high areas, this way you ensure a greater range of reach, shooting angle and gain an advantage in the field of vision over the opponent.


02  The shooting positions must allow you to observe the maximum amount of playing area to control the possible actions of the enemy, not seeing the movements of your enemy can get you ambushed.

03  Do not use the obvious shooting spaces such as doors or windows, better look for holes or cracks in the walls or covers.

04  Blend with the environment, use shaded areas or elements such as rubble to hide or camouflage yourself.

05 Lie down to offer the opponent the least amount of target area, the opponent always looks for targets at eye level, never below.

06  Do not reveal your position until shooting time, if you remain hidden and still the opponent will not notice your presence until you have him at shooting distance.    

07 Look for positions inside buildings and try to cover the four angles discussed previously when moving forward.

08  You should never take the body or the replica out of the window, door or shooting space, always remain in the open field. Showing yourself through a window will only make things easier for your opponent.