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EMG brings a model from the depths of the state of Texas, United States, and licensed by F1 Firearms, one of the most successful current arms manufacturers. A very North American product that is licensed by EMG for airsoft and manufactured by APS.

F1 Firearms offers modern designs, very carefully crafted and full of details that APS knows how to reproduce in an airsoft replica, with the final touch on the internals with an impressive eSilver Edge Gear Box SDU2.0

S7M Super-Lite Ar15 Handguard

As the name of the handguard model itself suggests, it has been designed to be as light as possible using CNC machine cut aluminium. With the aim of making a super light piece, even the upper Picatinny rail itself is lightened. On the sides and at the bottom we find that it has an M-Lok system to be able to attach accessories. At the front of both the left and right side, we find a QD anchor point to be able to attach the end of the strap quickly.


KX3 Flash Suppressor

The sound amplifying muzzle is one of the differentiating elements of this model. Mr. Frog, APS’ owner, performed a demo so we could check the difference in sound between. And obviously, it generates such a characteristic sound when shooting that in game there will be no doubt about who has eliminated who, you will leave your mark.

Based in the great state of Texas, F1 Firearms have become one of the leading brands in semi-automatic sporting rifles. Using premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, F1 produces firearms that are lighter, stronger, more accurate.

F1 models are designed to stand out from the crowd, as they say themselves: "With an F1 rifle, not only will you look better than the rest, you will shoot better than the rest."


Receiver Style 2

Both the Upper and Lower Receiver have the same skeleton design that characterises F1 Firearms and is made of aluminium alloy with CNC finishes. When you see all those holes in the body you think “it’s probably going to get dirty” but unless you are rolling your replicas on the ground, it will not pick up more dirt than a normal body would. This skeleton design has the function of being a much lighter rifle and in the real model it will also enable a better cooling system.

The model has an ambidextrous firing selector with the characteristic that we have already seen in other models; the one on the right side is notably shorter than the one on the left side to avoid accidentally moving it by hand. On the contrary, the magazine extraction button is not ambidextrous and, as a highlight, at least in the model that I have tried, the spring it mounts is somewhat harder than other models.

Pistol grip

The pistol grip is an exclusive EMG design, in fact it has its logo on both sides. We like the grip adaptor it has in the style of the MOE, which fits like a glove for large hands, although no one in the newsroom has complained about it. A very interesting detail is that although the sides are smooth, which stylises the piece, the grooving of the front and back provides a remarkable grip.


The design of the stock is minimalist, offering a quick shouldering that we could accommodate even more thanks to the grooves for the cheek rest. We liked that the part that we have to pull to remove the stock from the tube is resized and makes the process very comfortable.

And, yet another nice detail, that the recoil pad is closed by a pin and that we will have to remove to access the battery space.

eSilver Edge 

Gear Box SDU2.0

This model mounts the well-known eSilver Edge electronic gearbox with micro SDU chip (Super Dynamic Unit) that together with the magnetic gear and the electronic trigger offers an instant shooting response.

It includes a quick spring change system, and the gearbox housing has been reinforced to be able to be used even with an M190 type spring. The piston has also been reinforced internally and comes with the full metal zipper to enhance the durability of the set.

The wiring has been twisted with a PET cover that provides them additional protection. An interesting detail is that the components are compatible with TM so it will not be hard to find spare parts or upgrades in case we need it.

The S.D.U.’s function is to stop the gearbox to prevent further damage when the electric current is too high. In simple terms, the electric current (amps) will increase if there is a malfunction of the gearbox, for example: motor failure, damaged gears or a short-circuit. When the S.D.U. detects more than five triggers pulls that exceed the amps, the gearbox will be disconnected to prevent any possible damage.

The eSilver Edge comes standard with a micro switch trigger that works together with the S.D.U. to offer a really quick firing response; an average of 0.02 seconds according to the manufacturer, since we have not been able to measure it with such a degree of accuracy.

Pre-programmed shooting modesdos

Mode 1 - Safe / Semi / Auto

Mode 2 - Safe / Semi / 3rd Burst

Mode 3 - Safe / 2rd Burst / Auto

Mode 4 - Safe / 3rd Burst / Auto

Mode 5 - Safe / 3rd Burst / 9rd Burst

What better way to close this article than to quote F1 Firearms again: “With an F1 rifle, not only will you look better than the rest, you will shoot better than the rest.”