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Viper Tactical is a leading brand among airsofters due to the large number of possibilities it offers in a catalogue with hundreds of references and in some cases up to six colour ways of the same product. Its new VX Buckle Up System line is based on the concept of modulating our equipment and adjusting it to the operational needs of each moment, either by incorporating Velcro inserts, by means of clips that will allow us to unify elements or simply by the traditional molle system. Basically, a system that allows you to adapt the configuration of your gear to the needs of the mission.

Every player should have at least two elements in their gear collection, a plate carrier for CQB situations in which you must be more protected and be able to carry more equipment and a chest rig or lighter equipment (much appreciated if the game lasts several hours and the weight is noticeable) since it allows you to carry the essentials for the game, in the front, which is the most accessible area and with a pocket distribution that allows it to be configured to your needs or role of the game. A chest rig that meets these three characteristics is the VX Buckle Up Ready Rig and stands out for these five points.


The vest is made of 700d Polytech which gives it strength and lightness in materials. Its H design at the back stands out instead of the classic "X", which although it fits the shoulders better it is troublesome when it comes to combining it with other accessories. It has a small Velcro on the back to be able to identify you with equipment patches or to place IR patches in case of night games and on the front it has 3 Cordura loops to be able to adjust a PTT or the radio wiring. We feel a loop or two are missing in the middle and upper part of the straps to be able to better hold the cable in case of carrying a coupled backpack to be able to move all the wiring to that area.

Inside pocket

The central "drawer" consists of a pocket, the inside of which has a female Velcro strap which allows us to insert elastic inserts to configure said pocket. These inserts are magazine holders of different sizes: For M4, MP5, in the form of shotgun cartridges etc... which is made up of a male Velcro strap that fits inside the box, they are made of an elastic material that adapts to the inserted magazine.

The concept of this system is to be able to configure the central box according to the needs of the game, since Viper has inserts to carry the pistol itself, tourniquets, radio and, as a novelty, they have included inserts for SR-25 style magazines.

Fixed pockets

An admin pocket with zipper, which can work as a map holder (it includes the document protection plastic) or to organise various items thanks to the two elastic loops that it has inside.

Two consecutive smaller pockets designed to carry pistol magazines, but thanks to their elastic sides these expand and we can use them to carry 40mm grenades.

A second zip pocket that we can use to carry a Garmin Etrex GPS or our smartphone.

On the inside of the chest rig, previously removing the cover, we will see that it is all Velcro designed, which expands the capabilities of this equipment holder since we can add more cargo pouches by joining them to the back, or we can (previously removing the straps) join them using the Velcro to a VX Buckle Up Carrier plate carrier.


Standard clips with most brands that will allow you to disassemble the harness and use the entire set as an equipment carrier element in the central area of a plate carrier. In this case it would be attached to a Viper Tactical plate carrier called VX Buckle Up Carrier by adjusting of the clips and inner Velcro strap.


The last point for which we like this VX Buckle Up Ready Rig is because of the wide range of colours that Viper offers, up to 6 colour ways so you can find the perfect colour for your kit.

The VX Buckle Up Sling bag is a backpack with a tactical cut but designed to be used in urban environments where it can go unnoticed. From a tactical standpoint, its strap system allows to move the bag to the back and move it to the chest area in order to access the material quickly, such as a pistol (this would be in the case of police, obviously). But it is basically a backpack designed for urban activity in which you need to carry your day-to-day accessories in a backpack.

Main pocket

With a capacity of approximately 5L, it has a surprisingly spacious main compartment that allows you to store from a tablet to a laptop of up to 13 inches, while being totally protected from possible impacts. It is made of 700d Polytech, so it is very resistant and very light at the same time.


It has a kangaroo pocket in the back with a female Velcro strap inside to be able to place the inserts that Viper has developed and to organize this space according to what is most comfortable for each of us.

Key pocket

On the front we find two perfect administrative pockets if we want to store everything from keys to a wallet. They also have a mesh pocket inside to be able to divide the content inside the pocket itself.