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In airsoft it is important to think about the gear and adapt to the different types of games, from long-duration events with long walks through mountains, to games where we are in a smaller field and we have the objectives within 1 minute walk.

In this article with 8Fields Premium products we are going to suggest two totally different kits, one for greenside and the other for direct action.

Greenside Loadout 

A Greenside kit has to be light and comfortable since it is designed for long-term missions, with many hours on the move and where we do not know for sure if we are going to engage in combat and where personal protection is not essential. In these loadouts we find chest rigs, backpacks with great capacity...


The “H” design of the back will help us distribute the load of the chest rig between the shoulders and the back, thus being much firmer and attached to the body to prevent it from being easily misaligned.

The versatility of the magazine pockets of our primary replica allows us to use both M4 and AK magazines, making the chest rig better adapted to each player.

In these two pockets we can store everything from tools to make a quick fix in our replica, CO2 tanks and even basic things such as a replacement of contact lenses if necessary.

Despite being a chest rig, the front part between the two admins will be able to carry two pistol magazines without having to move them to the first line


This holster fits any pistol model with a flashlight included. The leg straps are fully adjustable with rubber straps which fit the leg perfectly.


This pouch is designed to be used as a personal IFAK, although we can also use it as an admin thanks to the elastic bands inside.


The discharge bag is used to store empty magazines once we have used them, so we will be able to reload much faster without wasting time putting the magazine back in the pouch. It can be attached to MOLLE/PALS straps, on a belt, on a thigh rack or on a vest.

Direct Action Loadout 

The direct action kits are designed for shorter missions and with quick attacks, such as the assault on targets in homes, hostage rescue... and where the approaches to such targets are usually made in vehicles. In this type of loadout we give priority to plate carriers, maximum capacity of magazines, grenades...


The plate carrier is equipped with the already extended BUCKLE UP system with which we can attach different front panels with different configurations.

Thanks to these cummerbunds we will be able to do so since they have three molle lines to be able to attach all the pouches we want.


With this molle panel we can carry up to three magazines of our main replica anchored to the molle panel that comes in the plate carrier. Do not worry about it being 5.56, you will have space for 7.62, AK ...


The pistol holster that we suggest in this kit is a holster with a hook both for molle and to be able to place it on the belt. It is also universal, and we can adjust it to any gun model.


This back panel has two exterior zippered pockets and an internal pocket to place our hydration bag. Remember that these pockets will need the help of your partner to access them, so do not put combat-essentials in them.

I would recommend keeping your spare glasses in the upper pocket. In the lower pocket, in case of using grenades, for example Thunder, we can use it to store two spare cases. We can also use it to carry extra batteries, etc.


With this pouch we gain extra cargo space, with its internal elastic loops we can carry well secured grenades in addition to any other type of consumables.


So, plate carrier or chest rig? After trying the options offered by 8Fields Premium the answer is: "It depends on the type of game" This is something that as we gain experience, and get more gear, we will begin to think what is it what we really need. Since it is not the same to be shot at point-blank in a CQB match carrying a plate carrier than to be shot carrying a chest rig, just as it is not the same to have to walk 15 km to your target carrying a chest rig than to have to do it with a plate carrier full of stuff. I am not telling you that you should do it this way, but I am telling you that the more comfortable you are playing, the more you will enjoy that game, whether it be two hours or 72 hours, and that is what is really important.