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Conquer lives up to its name, since, pun intended, this brand focused on textile products, mainly equipment carriers, and it conquers all markets where it lands: quality, variety, good price are words that players like to hear when talking about a brand.

For those of you who do not know Conquer, here is a sneak peek of its catalogue in this triple option.

1st Option:


It is a configurable chest rig based on the design of Spiritus Systems (North American gear brand) that in the case of Conquer offers a version full of possibilities and configurable pockets through a Velcro system, which allows adding different external and internal pockets ( using elastic inserts). All this to make this chest rig adapt to the needs of each player and all made of Cordura 1000D which ensures the highest quality of the material.

01 The chest rig consists of a central box with two fixed pockets whose interior is made of female Velcro to be used as a full pocket or as an area to adapt an elastic insert (magazine holder).

02 Adjustable straps even for an XL size.
A ptt and its wiring can be adapted through the molles that are located on both sides of the front straps.

03 Insert system: the chest rig includes 3 inserts made of elastic material (with a Velcro part) that are used to be fixed inside the boxes both in the front and back pockets. Two inserts are intended for 5.56 (M4 style) magazines and the third for 7.62 (SR-25 style)

04 Cover to create a pocket area in one of the boxes, it also works with Velcro.

05 Two velcro panels with an elastic band, one designed for shotgun cartridges and the other for pistol magazines that can be used both externally in the box and internally in the different pockets.

06 Two side pockets that can act as a magazine holder (for M4 and AK magazines) as well as for a half-size radio.

07 Front pocket, also affectionately called among airsofters "tummy cover" will not only cover that abdominal area that always looks wrong in photos, but is also a very useful cargo item with 2 zippered pockets.

2nd Option:


The MPC plate carrier is available in 4 colours: TAN, MC, black and OD and bases its design of both the front and back plates on the molle system, so that the user can adapt different pockets and make their own configuration.

01 The main material is Cordura 1000 D.

02 The back plate is a completely molle ready surface.

03 The connecting straps can be adjusted by Velcro and include a pad on each shoulder, as well as some Velcro straps to pass the cables of the communication or hydration systems.

04 The cummerbunds are adjustable at the back of the vest by Velcro and continue with the molle system design to be able to load more elements on the sides if necessary.

05 The front plate is also configured with a molle system, it includes a front plate that can be removed by clip, leaving the front with female Velcro to be able to add, for example, option 1 (chest rig box).

06 The front and back of the vest include EVA rubber dummys inside that provide rigidity to the entire vest to maintain its shape once worn.

3rd Option:


Conquer offers a third option, which is basically to offer both formats in a single multifunction plate carrier designed to be able to load a lot of material, with all the possibilities and configurations offered by the two options mentioned above.

The anchoring system of the chest rig box is made by joining the clips of the front panel, removing a cover from the back of the chest rig box, exposing this way the male Velcro that will join with the female Velcro of the plate carrier itself offering maximum support of the central box that is also reinforced by the anchoring of the clips themselves.


It is hard to make an assessment, since any of the three options that we present from Conquer depend on your needs as a player, your role in the game or even the environment where you are going to use your gear bag. So first think what you need as a player and if Conquer solves your problems of how to carry your equipment, if you simply can not, well just go for the third option, you will not be wrong because it offers everything in the same pack.