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It seems rather unbelievable that 20 years have gone by since APS decided to begin its journey manufacturing airsoft equipment back in 2001. This year 2021 is very special for them and they wanted to release a limited edition pistol model that pays tribute to all the players who have trusted them during these 20 years of experience. Without further ado, lets unveil the 20th Anniversary Bumblebee.XX that comes with a gift included.


01  Dual tone Gloss / Matte Finish

02  CNC 20th Anniversary slide

03  Optical fibre sight

04  External threaded barrel

05  20 mm lower rail

06  Original 20th Anniversary markings

07  CO2 magazine (23 BBs)

08  CO2 extended magazine (48 BBs)

09  Interchangeable slide cover

10  20th Anniversary pin


The lines of this model remind us of those of a Glock, especially around the body, although there is one element in which it clearly stands out: the trigger. APS has opted for its own model with a straight trigger. The body also has a lower RIS in which to attach accessories such as lasers or tactical flashlights, classic attachments in many pistols.

To improve the durability of the pistol, a special polymer that is used in real pistols has been chosen for the manufacture of the body. Which not only make it robust but also provides it with a more realistic look (obvious from the material they use). The ergonomic design and details such as the release of the slide or the resized magazine, make it extremely comfortable. The body has stippling, which increases the grip and provides a much more tacticool factor to the pistol. This process, as we saw in the factory, is done by hand and meticulously gun by gun. Therefore, each gun is unique.

For this 20th Anniversary model they have chosen to add matt gold details, such as the magazine eject button, which is also oversized to facilitate reloading, the slide release button, which is also oversized, and the already characteristic lever ambidextrous safety latch. The threaded outer barrel is also matte gold and includes the “XX” 20th Anniversary marking.


Bumblebee.XX mounts the slide that APS has specially designed for this 20th anniversary and that has the “XX” markings (which means 20 in Roman numerals) on both sides. CNC cuts on the top and on both sides reduce overall weight. The lighter the slide, the faster the firing cycle. The 4-axis precision CNC cut ensures that the slide has a very solid construction despite being lightened.  This makes this Bumblebee arguably the first CNC manufactured airsoft pistol, isn't that impressive?

Inside we can find the outer barrel that houses the inner barrel and the hop-up chamber that is adjustable by means of a wheel from the bottom, which means that we will have to remove the slide to be able to adjust it. Therefore, before playing the first day, it is advisable to spend some time to make it perfect.

The inner barrel is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 6.03 mm, which makes it a precision barrel, another detail that improves the pistol itself as standard.

The model also includes a double recoil spring on the spring guide that is located under the outer barrel. This double spring system reduces the impact with which the slide returns, reducing the gas consumption generated by the blowback action. This system does not affect the recoil effect of the model, which, being CO2, is rather strong.

   CO2, THE WAY TO GO   

The magazines are made of metal and are compatible with other pistol models of the same brand. The standard magazine has a capacity for 23 balls and works with a 12 g CO2 tank. Regarding the extended magazine, which is the most interesting option and offers a very badass style to the pistol, it has a capacity of 48 BBs although it also works with a 12gr CO2 tank with the same system as the standard magazine.

Both the valve and the O-Ring have been reinforced to withstand the pressure of CO2, and the seal has the characteristic patented design that improves gasification. There are no leaks and it can't be removed if you unless is finished. No CO2 is lost when placing the tank, at all! Not a single leak as it happens with other brands, since you normally lose a little CO2 when placing the tank. Do make sure that you lubricate the O-rings often (as you would with any CO2 replica gun).

APS is a brand in constant evolution and innovation that has managed to create its own style and has its own personality both as a brand and in its own replicas. And this can be seen in their shotguns, rifles, pistols and an endless number of gear of the hobby that have helped us enjoy for 20 years.

Without a doubt, Bumblebee.XX is a pistol worthy of a 20th Anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS, APS!