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Secutor is the undisputed world leader in a variety of shotgun models, we currently have 29 models on the market of different sizes, shapes and two operating systems: the G series (gas) and the S series (spring).

It seems Secutor has taken a further step in the evolution of shotguns with this new FERRUM full metal range within the S series, which stands for “spring”, which presents an adjustable hop-up as a great novelty. A great development that for many years the players have been asking for and that today is already a reality with this FERRUM line.


FERRUM or what would be its literal translation from Latin "iron" is the best possible name for a full metal shotgun. This series has basically used the bodies of the gas line that were all made in metal and has introduced a spring shotgun system of 3 BBs per shot inside and which is different from the one we were used to until now and which we will talk about later.


The shotgun incorporates a small hole in the upper part of the barrel that is practically invisible with a lever with different positions, which allows us a certain capacity to regulate the hop-up rubber (obviously do not expect a regulation system of an M4, which, on the other hand, it does not need) and that offers us the possibility of playing with BBs  with different weights and adjusting a more or less tense shot with BBs of 0.20g, 0.25g and up to 0.28g (we do not recommend a greater grammage) thus expanding the capabilities of the shotgun in terms of precision and in game environments.

How to fix an adjustable hop-up system on a 3 BBs per shot shotgun? The concept is simple, the shotgun incorporates a single barrel that, due to its hop and barrel configuration, allows you to fire 3 BBs per shot while also applying the degree of hop you prefer to configure within the possibilities it offers.

Is the flight similar to a triple barrelled shotgun? Yes, the flight of the 3 BBs is quite similar to a three-barreled shotgun in its medium flight path (around 20 meters) and long range (between 30 meters as maximum effective range and 40 meters, which would be the maximum flight range of the BBs). The advantage of this system compared to three barrels is a much more effective and accurate shot at short distances from 0 to 20 meters.

In any case, the effect of opening the shot, that is, that the 3 BBs in flight are separated from each other as with the 3-barreled shotguns, also takes place in these FERRUM and they cover a similar area of impact.

This is a very well thought out model, as it offers a fixed polymer stock but the length of the barrels of the shotgun are those of a medium model. For this reason, this S·XI is, in our opinion, perfect in length for tall people but also for someone who is around 1.70 m, as he would also be able to handle this shotgun model perfectly well. They have basically achieved the aesthetics of the long models but in a more contained and manageable size.

The model includes a vertical grip already installed on the M-LOK handguard, which we recommend using correctly when cocking the shotgun to avoid damaging the guides.

Surely the most compact model of this new FERRUM collection. The S III model stands out for its 100% fixed metal stock, but by removing a screw we will have a classic M4 stock tube to which we can add any stock without problems. So, if you get bored of the original stock, it takes 5 minutes to change it for an M4 stock.

The model includes a vertical grip already installed on the M-LOK handguard, which we recommend using correctly when cocking the shotgun to avoid damaging the guides.

It is the shotgun that, due to its size, we have all thought at some point to carry as a secondary weapon on our backs or on the side of the vest, the smallest that can be found for its use in the smallest CQB. It stands out for its QD ring on the grip and for its 47 cm in length, which do not prevent it from weighting almost 2 kilos, since, like the rest of the series, it is a full metal shotgun. It includes an upper RIS to fit any RMR and 3 cartridges.

A shotgun is a basic item in an airsoft player's collection, especially if it is a spring-loaded shotgun. You always need a "plan b" when your replica or the circumstances require a weapon that never fails, namely a spring shotgun. At this point there are two classes of players, those who are looking for a product to get out of trouble regardless of quality or those who want something with more quality and features, being the latter were Ferrum comes in.

Then there is a third group of players, the shotgunners, those who have discovered how incredibly fun it is to play shotgun in a CQB environment. This third group, like the second one mentioned before, seek a quality product, with a feeling of realism thanks to being a metal product and offering something more within spring-loaded shotguns. For this third group Ferrum would also be a great choice.

Can you tell I belong to third group? :)