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Our lives on Instagram went on quite uneventfully until Tacticool Doodles broke into the airsoft scene, an artist whose work you have surely seen on social media.
Instagram: @tacticool_doodles

From very tacticool designs (spot on name) through hilarious customizations of rifles or nice patches related to the weapons community, the tactical world and even Star Wars. This and much more is what the world of Tacticool Doodles is about.

How does this adventure start? I mean Tacticool Doodles, we don’t need the "I was born in Birmingham in..."

It started when I was in between jobs and building a van to go travelling in the UK. I never expected it to turn into my full-time job but I couldn't be happier.

I'm still planning to go travelling and visit as many airsoft shops and game sites as possible. This is all thanks to the awesome support I get from the tactical community which I'm truly grateful for.

We have seen a crazy and very cool job with Black Rifle Coffee, although the most delusional is  “Tactical Wilson”. Please, tell us about the mental process of either of the two.

This design is of Tactical Taz he's a little K9 that works with the guys over at black rifle coffee. As soon as I saw this little dude with the M249, I had to get to work! Animals are a fun challenge for me so I’m trying to make an effort to draw more especially K9s.

Tacticool Wilson was created while watching the movie. I enjoy putting together random creations and most of the time they are sparked from just seeing something then having the idea pop into my head and then I put it in my notes for the next time I get some time to draw for myself.

*Black Rifle Coffee is a North American company owned by Mat Best which you should know from YouTube.

What is the image that has had the most impact and why do you think it is?

Has to be Tacticool Bart, he was one of the reasons I started drawing more characters and was one of my first designs to reach 1000 likes which was a number I never thought I would see.

Hey, here's an idea. Why don't you do something about Seal Team's Dita and Justin Melnick? On the back of that question, has anyone famous from the tactical world contacted you?

These guys are awesome, and I love doing K9 artworks! I have so many ideas the list is taller than me! But on the list is to sketch the guys from the show Seal Team. It's the style I draw which is more traditional sketch and watercolour rather than my cartoon work.

As for famous people who I've had the pleasure of talking and working with, there have been some great people who l watch and have been a fan of for years! This makes working with them hard as I'm trying my best not to fangirl! But it's also really cool to just see people whom I've watched for years comment or like my designs from grand thumb, demolition matt, Airsoft Alfonse, crispy from black rifle , heather Lynn from black rifle, Lucas from T.Rex Arms,  just to name a few!

Let's do some promotion. And we are not going to do it for you! We are going to do it because they are going to ask us a lot how to get t-shirts, patches or stickers of your work, so tell us something about www.tacticooldoodles.com

I am truly grateful for everyone who supports me on my journey. My website and commissions are how I am able to keep doing this daily. I keep everything as cheap as possible and offer deals and giveaways on the website regularly as a small thank you to you all. With my plans to travel and live fulltime in my van this is going to help massively allowing me to live my little dream and work my dream job.


This is going to be a tricky one since it will define you... the game consists of answering the first thing that comes to mind when I tell you these names, be honest and don’t overthink, ready?

Mat Best:
Mat and the whole team over a black rifle are great. The videos never fail to crack me up! Also, what they do for the community is amazing.

Airsoft has been a hobby of mine for years and it's made some great memories along with loads of great new friends. I personally really enjoy the longer game events or night games but that's not to say i don't enjoy a good skirmish day!

Best TV Series:
For me now it's definitely Seal Team. I really enjoy it as it sparks ideas for new projects every time I watch it. Also up there are Sons of Anarchy, Punisher, The Walking Dead and Lost.

Rey Skywalker:
My favorite thing about her is that she's a scavenger. Seeing her search through fallen ships for parts was great. It made me think that's probably what I would be doing if I was there myself!

Space Wolves (GW 40K):
Great army I personally ran Space Marines but I love the colours and designs from the Space Wolves they look amazing! I'm actually working on some sci fi model builds for the page which has been great fun to get back into painting and building!

MP5 old school:   
The MP5 is by far my favorite weapon system. The old school MP5 set up is my all time favorite, and I have massive respect for the guys that ran this set up and achieved what they achieved with it. It's also my bucket list gun to shoot one day.

Your Tactical Hommer:
He is part of my Simpsons series which has been a blast to put together as I’m a huge fan of the show!

The show is also a big part of how I found my style as I've drawn them my whole life learning the way they are drawn as I go.

Did you know about airsoft before starting with Tacticool Doodles?

I have been playing airsoft for years and it's definitely the reason for starting the page. As I’m from the UK, airsoft guns are the closest I can get to the real thing and I really enjoy collecting them. I have some plans to share my collection on the page very soon.

Your identity is a mystery, so it has led to speculation in social media.  Is the rumour that behind Tacticool Doodles there is a former member, or someone linked to special ops true?  Member of the royal family?

You may choose not to answer it...

I have kept my life separate from the page. I do plan on getting more involved and I'm not from the royal family or spec ops, just a civilian that loves and respects everything tactical.

Although we will see each other on social media, I think it’s your turn to say some final words.

Thanks to the guys at 0’20 magazine for this amazing opportunity and everyone who supports me on my journey. I have big plans for the future of the page and tones of new designs to get done and share with you! I hope to see some of you out on my travels around the UK.

Thanks again tacticooldoodles out!