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If something already works, why change it? It seems obvious, however this was the commitment that Umarex has made with all the 5th generation Glock replica guns. Because now it not only works, it works very well.

And so this new crossover design was born in the Austrian factory. Then it enters the world of airsoft by the hand of VFC (manufacturer) and ASG (license holder for this model) to introduce this model.


This is the latest model in the great Glock family, the Glock 45. This model is a new crossover between two of its models, the Glock 17 and the Glock 19x.

The new Glock 45 combines the grip of the 17 of the 5th generation with the compact slide of the 19x model.

Slide: This model has a slide made in CNC with a different bezel end part compared to previous generations and also two-point sights, –plus an incredible level of detail–, which, to our amazement, have Glock markings. In addition, the front and rear grooves on the slide make it much easier to push the slide back for cocking.

Body: The Glock17 Gen.5 has a pistol grip without the usual shape of the fingers, which enables it to adapt to any shooter. In the lower part of the grip the body has a kind of outwards “lips” that simulate a kind of magwell and that would help us when reloading. 

This Glock pistol has ambidextrous controls, with the slide catch button in ambidextrous mode, which is also resized to be able to extract the magazine much faster.

Double safety: Like their real counterparts, the new Glock series do not have a visible safety, this is because Glock developed an integrated safety system in the trigger and needle-firing pin called “Safe Action”. For airsoft purposes, the firing pin is not necessary, but the safety mechanism has been reproduced properly and the magazine catch is oversized to facilitate its use.


With green gas, in a room at 23ºC and using 0.20 g BB, it fired at an average of 300 FPS. We have unloaded the 22 BBs of the magazine and a few seconds and the cycle that the pistol has is really fast. Many people fear the gas issue, especially in cold weather conditions, but as a Umarex Glock 19 user let me tell you that I fired at 4 degrees with Abbey Predator Ultra and I had no problem with the dreaded cold down.

New generation of internal parts

The new generation comes with the new hop up design and the new spring guide by VegaForce Company. In this case we have a hop up that can be adjusted without removing the slide, I know, it's wonderful! We will only need an allen wrench that comes inside the box, insert it from the front under the barrel and turn the entire spring guide and the hop-up wheel. This new system seems much safer than others, since it is hard to move from its position and is quite well fixed.

As for the spring guide, one of the great modifications and improvements to the internals of this generation is the new double spring guide. This has two positive impacts: first, it increases the sense of recoil and recovery of the gun (the slide returns to its position with much more power, and with a sharp and more realistic blow). And the second positive effect is that it adjusts better the set of the slide.

Another improvement within this new generation is the new nozzle assembly, which has been lightened by making the BBU much lighter and skeletal, which will make the slide much lighter as a whole compared to former generations.


It has happened to us all. When we have to draw the gun during a game it means things are turning ugly. The options narrow down at the same rate as your chances of getting out of there “alive”. That’s why you can’t afford any mistakes, that’s why you’ll need Austrian technology, well… Taiwanese in this case.