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Shock everyone, that has been the goal of WE airsoft and, oh my, have they succeeded. In any corner of the world where there is airsoft these new pistols have been seen and discussed, and they are very aptly called GALAXY. Whether you like them or not, WE Airsoft’s work in always taking design a step further is to be praised, and so we the players have a wider range to choose from. GALAXY has made it, it is new, it’s different and it’s surprising.

The three families of GALAXY

The GALAXY series is designed for three platforms, namely: G (Glock Style) H (Hi-capa) and for 1911. Likewise, within each family, different colour combinations of slides and frame will be available, so this new GALAXY series can be made up of more than 15 possible combinations between all families, let’s wait and see how WE will surprise us as models are announced.

G series

WE Galaxy G Series is a pistol that is based on the Ruger MK4 using the structure of the upper and a futuristic look joining it to Glock’s lower part that so many of us players like. Although with changes in the trigger guard, trigger and fastening to the slide. For this reason it is rather based on the base of this famous pistol. And so this is why this model uses and is logically compatible with the G series magazines.


If you are a collector who likes different colours, then you are in luck with this new series Galaxy G. WE Airsoft has launched this new product “WE Galaxy G Series GBB”, as its flagship product for this 2021 and it comes in five colours which are black, blue, gold, purple and silver. And by the way, all the colours have a glossy tone, carrying a matte violet gun makes no sense, if you are going to carry one, go all the way and make sure to do it properly and carry a glossy violet gun, well done WE.


As we have mentioned, it is available in various colours and it is made of aluminium. An interesting point in this slide system are its lightened parts, which in addition to having a strong aesthetic component are used to add small pieces of RIS; two included in the case of the pistol.

The front part can be unscrewed revealing a thread separator to incorporate a silencer or compensator.

It also incorporates an elevation-adjustable rear sight and a green fibre optic front sight to improve shouldering in low-light scenarios.

As an addition, the pistol includes two rails (short and long), the long one to be placed on the upper part, which enables to add add targeting systems such as an RMR and a positive point about the design is that even placing the rail in the upper part of the slide the sights are still functional. The smallest rail is designed to be placed at the bottom of the slide and thus be able to add, for example, a flashlight.


A full-auto gun can be very useful, especially when it allows us to fire 25 balls in less than three seconds. To make the pistol even more special would be to use WE’s extended magazine with a capacity of 50 BBs, there goes my two cents...

Power, but with control. The pistol is available with gas magazines and 0’20 gr BBs, providing an average of 310/320 FPS and a super fast ROF, which means that we have a pistol that could get you out of many troubles, especially for a sniper in short distances (perhaps in such a specific case we recommend the black version as it is more discreet).

The pistol has two semi/automatic firing modes. The selection of the firing system is simple, you only have to pull backwards the lever integrated in the slide, and the lower part of said piece has another lever that can me moved from left to right to change the shooting mode from semi to auto and vice versa.

Internal parts

To access the hop-up you will have to push the button located at the back of the body and move the slide upwards which will oscillate around the pin on the front part, then remove the pin from the side and the gun will be split into two parts, so that you are able to access to the hop-up that can de adjusted by means of a flat-head screwdriver.

It lacks a spring guide and its “outer barrel” itself is thicker than usual in other models that centres and secures the 6.03 inner barrel in the correct position. In this design, the return spring, made of stainless steel, is located inside the nozzle assembly.

As an addition in case of using CO2 magazines (which you may) the pistol includes a number of upgrades in the box, such as a specific nozzle for CO2, a set of O-rings, and a spring guide adapted to that recoil.

The technical specifications, characteristics, designs and colours may change. The products in this review are a prototype.


This review does not actually need any conclusions, we have already said it at the beginning: It is new, different and surprising. If WE Airsoft has dared to create GALAXY, why don’t you try and dare to give this pistol a try?