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The series you choose makes no difference: SEAL Team, SIX, Stricke Back... The movies you watch: Zero Dark Thirty, Act of Valor, Lone Survivor... The special forces units that you follow... the debate is on. Plate carrier or chest rig?

For some time, EmersonGear has offered us endless possibilities when it comes to equipping ourselves, from new product lines with qualities and prices for all budgets, such as these panels that enable us to couple them to our plate carriers so that we can use them as chest rigs. Oh! And EmersonGear is the brand of clothes they wear in some of the aforementioned TV shows.

D3CR Micro ChestRig

With a minimalist and symmetrical design, a layout that reminds us of one of the best-known shooting instructors, although with certain very marked differences.

There is a debate among shooters about whether the option of 3 magazines offered by some plate carriers is better than that of 4 magazines like some chest rig offer. Everything revolves around the space lost with the extra magazine or the convenience of carrying one more magazine.

In this case EmersonGear opts for the three magazines so as not to lose the number of magazines and a pouch on each side of the front admin pouch to carry pistol magazines. In addition, the central pocket for magazines has the same Velcro system to be able to attach inserts and configure it to our needs.

The fastening system of this chest rig consists of two straps and a belt that goes around the waist from the bottom. The straps are coupled with two female clips on the top, and two male clips on the sides. This will allow us to carry it as chest rig or mount it on a plate carrier. Having the same configuration but in a lighter or more complete version, everything to our liking.

These straps cross are “X”  shaped so the strap will come out of the corresponding shoulder and cross the back to hook on the opposite side, creating an "X". It provides full fastening support, with the straps staying tight.

LV Placard 5.56 Triple magazine panel

This is the chest rig/panels with the simplest design out of the three reviewed in this article. Part of the Spiritus Systems Placard 5.56 X .45 panel base. This panel is designed to offer greater retention for magazines and other accessories. Thanks to the use of elastic bands, it allows the pockets to expand and the magazines to come out much easier, although to put them back in we will need a little more patience, so we recommend that after emptying each magazine you put them in a drop pouch instead of reinserting them here.

Unlike other elastic panels or pouches on the market, this model has elastic loops at the base of each one to maximize flexibility and eliminate the “birthing” effect by not narrowing the bottom of the pouch.

MF Style Gen IV Compatible Placards

This chest rig replicates the Mayflower UW Gen IV (yes, named after the legendary boat carried the first English settlers to the United States) is a great option to symmetrically carry up to four M4 magazines, two pistols magazines, two small radios and we still have two pockets to carry what we need.

If you want to attach it as a chest rig, you would need the H-shaped harness that guarantees a balanced distribution of the load to be able to use the straps to hold the radio antennas or the hydration tube. Thanks to the four “ITW-Nexus” type clips, we can release the straps and attach the chest rig to any plate carrier, maintaining the same configuration and in just a matter of seconds.

MF Style Quad 5.56 Compatible Placard

This is a replica of Mayflower's 5.56 HYBRID CHEST RIG is another option to carry up to four M4 magazines. This chest rig replaces the pistol pouches that its brother has with an additional administrative pouch in the centre to carry accessories or pistol magazines. Although in the original model they say that it is designed to be used as a map holder, which is entirely up to you.

On the sides we can find four cordura loops (two on each side) that will help us to secure the clips on them in case we want to use it as a chest rig instead of a platform for the plate carrier.


Emerson delves into the unknown, listens to the needs of the market and manages to offer quality products for all budgets. Designed based on the experience of renowned shooters, it offers airsofters the opportunity to enjoy all that knowledge.

Test it and experience how not a single detail has been left to chance. What we liked the most about these chest rigs or panels is that we can easily adapt them to our needs. Because, for the ultimate performance in field, you have to be able to trust your equipment and focus exclusively on your objective.