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ICS has always shown its ability to reinvent and really improve the quality of its products as well as the player experience, if you have ever had any ICS gun you know what I'm talking about. This new GBB pistol called CHALLENGER is the perfect example, since the model is among the top HI-CAPA models on the market. Its carefully crafted external and internal details stand out and are worthy of the most demanding players.

One Gun, a Million Details

Balanced slide

The first thing that catches your eye is the lightened slide of this pistol, simulating the teeth of a RIS, which serves both a clearly aesthetic function but also a functional one. Thanks to this lightened material they have been able to reduce the total weight of the slide, which is a key element for a gun with a metal slide that works with gas and is also designed to add the extra weight of a red dot on the top.

The design of the slide itself includes a mount to add a red dot below the sights which is already integrated, and is compatible with RMR and DOC systems.  

ICS has done a great job as the mount is built into the slide and not on it. This, in addition to a very important and realistic aesthetic element, means that the mount itself incorporates a rear sight aligned with the front, allowing these targeting systems to be used without the need to place a red dot.


Total length: 220 mm
Internal barrel:
6.03 mm
Inner barrel length:
113 mm
930 gr
Magazine capacity:
30 BBs
chrome and matt black aluminium, nylon fibre grip and steel parts
Type of magazine:
Power (using 0.20 gr) over 300 to 320 fps

Challenging details

The model is prepared to be combined with accessories to improve our experience. Such as the lower inferior rail for lasers or lanterns; the threaded end of the outer barrel to mount a compensator or a silencer with which to extend the inner barrel; the magwell to facilitate the quick insertion of the magazine; or its resized base, for a better grip during reload. For these last two you don't realise how useful they are until you test them and find out how much faster you can reload.

This Challenger model comes with details such as the hammer that has been reinforced with steel parts to make it much more durable, or the trigger that can be adjusted by means of an allen screw to adjust the travel distance of the same and increase the rate of fire and sensitivity.

TDC Hop-Up Chamber

ICS has developed this hop up system in which the pressure exerted on the rubber is more vertical and uniform thanks to a circular ring. All this makes the pressure on the BBs much more homogeneous and allows a much more tight flight.

This system could be very similar to the well-known R-Hop in which the hop is prevented from being misaligned, therefore it is considered more stable.


The magazines in this replica come with the REVO valve system developed by ICS. An interesting upgrade that will help us have a better performance with the gas magazines, allowing us to fire way more with the same gas tank.

With these new valves, its new O-ring and spring, we will be able to regulate the amount of gas that comes out with each shot, adjusting the performance of the pistol both to the area of the planet where we play or the time of year in which we are going to use it.


ICS tells us that they are preparing a number of parts/accessories to be able to upgrade this Challenger model. Among others, there will be two new types of triggers called RINO to make shots much faster and more intuitive, two new resized buttons for magazine ejection and two new bases for sights with a load lever to be able to cock the pistol much more quickly.


This is one of the most efficient pistols designed by ICS both in terms of quality of materials and in its operation, with great advances in ID when it comes to GBB pistols. A new hop-up system to improve each shot, upgraded parts such as the hammer, a mount on which we can put various types of RMR...
Without a doubt whether you are a HI-CAPA user or not and you are looking for a competitive pistol that keeps up with you to be able to make the most kills on the field, the ICS CHALLENGER is your pistol.