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Do you remember the movie TRON? Yes, that science fiction movie where motorcycles leave coloured trails and fight to the death. Well, APS is from the red team and it proves it with this model from the Phantom series inspired by that movie.

The metallic red colour is possibly the best we have seen in the airsoft industry, yes, you read that right; it is an impressive red metallic tone indeed. The model has CNC cuts all over the body, a two-tone handguard and many more details with which APS surprises us with each new release.

Bicolor handguard

Measuring 13.5”, this Evolution Tech M-Lok handguard is a work of art, the Picatinny rail itself is in a red anodized colour that contrasts with the rest of the M-LOK handguard which is matte black.

The handguard has been designed to be as light as possible using CNC machined aluminium. Following the premise of making a super light piece, even the upper Picatinny rail itself is lightened. On the sides and at the bottom it has an M-Lok system to be able to attach accessories. At the front of both the left and right side, we find a QD anchor point to be able to attach the end of the strap quickly.

Upper y Lower

The body assembly has an incredible CNC machining work lightening both the upper part of the body, which allows us to literally see the gear box, and the lower part where we can also see part of the magazine. This set of lightened features gives the model a very aggressive look as well as lightening the replica's own weight.

Anodized red accents

It is noteworthy that all control knobs on the body are in red anodized, as ambidextrous and longer firing selectors to allow greater control with gloves. All this finished off with the controls in the same red colour: magazine release, bolt catch and even the ejection port itself (the access plate to the hop-up) are also treated in this anodized red. What is more, to give even more quality details the hop up chamber itself is also in anodized red colour.

The stock from TRON

APS explained to us that they were inspired by the TRON movie to create this “Tron Tube” stock model, which has many more characteristics than it seems:

1.-The extension of the stock is 25 cm, this has been carefully studied by APS since, in terms of length, it would correspond to any M4 with a Magpul CTR type stock at the 4th position. That is to say, it is not a mere painted M4 tube that would be too short when shouldering the rifle, as they have provided a greater length balanced with the replica and that it serves for the vast majority of players as it is a fixed stock.

2.-The stock has a foam cheek rest for better aiming, a detail that is appreciated.

3.-The final part or blade, has a QD anchor and adapts in support length perfectly to the shoulder since its support area is 10 cm and in a Magpul CTR stock (to give a standard data) it would be 14 cm in length to support the shoulder area.

4.-Accessing the battery is very simple: Press the upper button for connecting the tube and blade, rotate it counter clockwise and the part separates, giving access to the wiring located inside the stock tube.

eSilver Edge Gear Box

This model mounts the well-known eSilver Edge electronic gearbox with micro SDU chip (Super Dynamic Unit) that together with the magnetic gear and the electronic trigger offers an instant shooting response.

It includes a quick spring change system, and the gearbox housing has been reinforced to be able to be used even with an M190 type spring. The piston has also been reinforced internally and comes with the full metal zipper to enhance the durability of the set.

The wiring has been twisted with a PET cover that provides them additional protection. An interesting detail is that the components are compatible with TM so it will not be hard to find spare parts or upgrades in case we need it.


The S.D.U.’s function is to stop the gearbox to prevent further damage when the electric current is too high. In simple terms, the electric current (amps) will increase if there is a malfunction of the gearbox, for example: motor failure, damaged gears or a short-circuit. When the S.D.U. detects more than five triggers pulls that exceed the amps, the gearbox will be disconnected to prevent any possible damage.

Pre-programmed shooting

Mode 1 - Safe / Semi / Auto
Mode 2 - Safe / Semi / 3rd Burst
Mode 3 - Safe / 2rd Burst / Auto
Mode 4 - Safe / 3rd Burst / Auto
Mode 5 - Safe / 3rd Burst / 9rd Burst


It is difficult to be unbiased when making a conclusion, as personal taste plays a role. I am not the type of player who would buy this model, because I like another style of replicas that APS develops, which are more realistic like the Noveske models, for example. But this Ghost Patrol Phantom Rifle Red model clearly enters the top 10 of replicas that we collect in 0’20Magazine since we think it is a spectacular model, with too many details and characteristics to be able to include them all in a review, that added to the eSilver Edge SDU2. 0 put this model in our top 10 replicas that have surprised us. If you like the model, do not hesitate, go for it.