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What is the OR system  of KJWorks?

OR (Optics Ready) is an accessory that is based on providing the pistol with a mount that replaces the rear sight in most cases and where we can add a more instinctive aiming system such as a red dot. This is based on a metal mount that is located in the upper part of the slide and that offers a flat space where, for example, an RMR can be placed. This base that is screwed to the slide itself is flat, so that we are able to place these external aiming elements in pistols that could not otherwise be done, such as the 1911-style models whose upper slide design is curved.

What is improved?

There are two important factors both for real weapons and airsoft replicas. The most important one is to provide the shooter with a faster shooting capacity. It is easier to centre the target on a red dot than on a metal sight that require more training in terms of hand and eye combination (shooting position). And the second factor, even recognized in the field of real weapons, is the cool factor, it is a fact that a pistol with accessories is more attractive.

What platforms does KJWorks have?

KP-05 / KP-07 / KP-08

On the one hand there is the mount for the KP-05 / KP-07 / KP-08 models. It is a mount made of aluminium and CNC based so that you can adapt it to your pistols.

1.-The bottom wedge-shaped part is installed in the position of the rear sight which we will have previously removed (removing the slide from the pistol itself and unscrewing this piece).

2.-The same screw that held the rear sight will serve to attach the mount to the slide by screwing it from the top.

3.-The other holes are designed to fit different styles of red dots.

4.-The set includes a pair of metric 3 flat head screw and another pair of M3 screws designed for different styles of red dot.

KP-13 / KP-17 / KP-18

The same concept so that it adapts to the flat slides of the KP-13 / KP-17 / KP-18 models produced by KJWorks

1.-The lower part is designed to fit perfectly into the rear sight space (we are not sure about its compatibility with other brands of G-style pistol).

2.-In this case, the set includes 1 screw to be assembled from below (the head of the screw is down in the same way that the rear sight of the pistol was attached.

3.-There are two screw options for the red dots: a separation between screws of 22.5 mm designed for RMR Trijicon style(1) and 18.5 mm separation designed for styles such as the classic Element(2).

4.-The M3 screws to join the red dot and the mount are also included and it is advisable to always use the screws provided by KJWorks and not the ones for the red dot.

5.-It includes a rear sight integrated into the mount itself, which will only really be functional if the red dot is completely removed (otherwise it will be fully covered by the height of the RMR itself).